.. RETRACTOR SPRING- 12 1/4"HYDRAULIC >8K . .. Hooray! The F47260K is designed for disc brake applications only. Adjust per instructions found in brake installation manual. Note: For use with Tie Down Engineering models 66, 70 and 80 (Drum Brakes Only).

.. TRAVEL LINK FOR FREE BACKING BRAKES . .. HARDWARE KIT FOR 70-80327 ADD-ON KIT TIEDOWN KIT Kit includes: Attachment strength should equal or exceed than 1-1/2 times. When bleeding and testing is completed, make sure master cylinder is filled to 3/8 below the top of the reservoir and filler cap is securely in place. Make certain ball latch is in correct position to retain the hitch ball. Hydraulic brake lines should be installed on the trailer as described in the installation manual supplied with the brakes. Phone: 519-451-1116 BRAKE LINE, 70-46238-38 POLY FLEX 38in. 70 and 70E Actuator Installation Instructions.

Replenish the brake fluid during the bleeding process so the level does not fall below half full level in the master cylinder reservoir. Use a pressure type brake bleeder to bleed brakes. Or, manually bleed the brakes using a heavy-duty flat blade screwdriver inserted in the hole provided on top of the actuator near the front. If it feels loose or too tight, the adjustment nut should be turned to correct the fit. master brakes disc tie engineering down cylinders brake cylinder kit Lightweight tongues, less than 11 gauge, require spacer tubes inside the tongue for reinforcement. BRAKE LINE, 70-80237-3 HARDWARE KIT FOR 70-80327, 70-80326 SINGLE AXLE FLEX LINE KIT, 70-80326-5 HARDWARE KIT FOR 70-80326, 70-80328 TANDEM AXLE FLEX LINE KIT, 70-80328-2 HARDWARE KIT FOR 70-80328, 70-FWF FRESH WATER FLUSH KIT FOR, 71-023-312-00 10" x 2.25" Left Hand Hydraulic assembly DEXTER 023-312-00, 71-023-313-00 10"x2.25" RH Hydraulic assembly. (This type of brake bleeder is available at your local automotive jobber.) London, ON, N6M 1A8 47268 (Drum) Master Cylinder Assembly - Includes all nuts, baffle, * Check valve has been removed in models 47204, 47205 & 47213, Cable Assembly (Breakaway) with button stop, Cable Assembly (Breakaway) (for serial #s 16020 and below), Actuator Covers Kit (front & back covers & 4 screws), Master Cylinder Cap with internal bladder. Do not use as such. .. POLY FLEX 76" BRAKE LINETIE DOWN RUBBER LINE . Insert the screwdriver and use a pumping action to activate the master cylinder in order to bleed the brakes. Equalizing or weight distributing hitches may be used, allow six to eight inches free chain length. To view your user account, click the following link, Bolt the actuator to the tongue-using grade 5 bolts 1/2 inch in diameter, 4 inches long. Push the coupler into the housing and slowly pull out 3 times, then refill master cylinder.

Performing this action will revert the following features to their default settings: Performing this action will permanently remove your draft from Yumpu. Model 70, 70-3/4 & 70E Actuator Parts List. Saturday: Closed 72-046-087-00 RETRACTOR SPRING- 12 1/4in. The vehicle, towing hitch and ball must have a rating equal to or greater than trailer GVWR. Note: When the coupler is placed on the ball, the latch should close firmly. Make sure it is at least half full. Balls smaller than 1.970 can cause shock loading and sudden disconnection. To bleed master cylinder and brakes, install bleeder hose on first wheel cylinder to be bled; if tandem axle trailer, bleed closest axle first, and the closest brake on that axle first. Fax: 519-453-AXLE (2953), Monday Friday : 8:00am-5:00pm BRAKE LINE, 70-46238-76 POLY FLEX 76in. Any control devices that restrict operation of the actuator cannot be used. You have already flagged this document.Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean.The editors will have a look at it as soon as possible. Insert safety pin into forward hole as a safety lock for the hitch ball coupler prior to towing. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The parts list for the 70 & 70E Actuator can be found in the Installation Instructions. Are you sure you want to delete your template? Do not reuse old parts where new parts are available in the kit. Do not connect S-hook to the safety cables or chains. The bleeding operation for that brake is complete when bubbling stops. The dampener must be primed before bleeding or using trailer. Each wheel cylinder must be bleed until all air is out of the lines. Push latch back until safety latch engages plate below latch. Follow manufacturers directions. Replace parts as necessary.

.. POLY FLEX 300" BRAKE LINETIE DOWN RUBBER LINE . "T" c.. FRESH WATER FLUSH KIT FOR10-12" BRAKES TD#81107 INCLUDES GARDEN HOSE ADPTVINYL HOSE & BRBD FITNGS .. 10" x 2.25" Left Hand UNI-SERVO NON Free backing DEXTER (023-312-00) .. 10"x2.25" RH UNI-SERVO NON F-BACK DEXTER STYLE .. HEX CAP SCREW 3/8-16*1.5" GRADE 5 HYD 8-15K AXLES . Examine the actuator for bent parts or wear each time the trailer is used. While towing, if the actuator appears to be knocking against the hitch ball while starting or stopping, check brake fluid reservoir and fill if below 3/8 full from the top. Replacement Fill Cap with Gasket for Dexter DX Series Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuators 5-cable ties, 2-Union "T" co.. TANDEM AXLE ADD ON KIT 2-18", 1-76", 1-38" PSI HOSE TIE DOWN Designed to be used on trailers using either sur.. TANDEM AXLE FLEX LINE KIT240" MAIN 4 18" FLEX LINETIE DOWN Designed to be used on trailers using either sur.. HARDWARE KIT FOR 70-80328FOR TANDEM TIE-DOWN KIT TIE DOWN Kit includes:9-cable ties, 4-Union For trailer movement when brakes are not required, place the safety pin in the upper hole on the side of the actuator to block movement of the actuator.

This will also eliminate squeaking. Trailer balls larger than 2.00 or out of round will not fit the coupler or may result in coupler failure. Connect actuator breakaway cable S-hook to the tow vehicle only. Gross Load, 660 lbs. SINGLE AXLE FLEX LINE KIT240" MAIN 2 18" FLEX LINETIE DOWN PREDATOR ELECTRIC/ HYDRAULIC 1600 PSI FOR DISC BRAKES .. Magazine: Model 70 Brake Actuator Installation Instructions - The Expediter. To prime the dampener, fill the master cylinder with DOT 3 brake Fluid. YUMPU automatically turns print PDFs into web optimized ePapers that Google loves. The actuator is designed for use with Free-Backing trailer brakes. .. ABS TONE RING 9K - 15K AXLES .. AIR CHAMBER TYPE 20/24 6.00LG LESS CLEVIS ASSY . This master cylinder rebuild kit by Tie Down Engineering/Dexter Marine of Georgia (manufacturer part number 47260K) contains parts to replace the gasket, rollers, pins/bolts and the top SS screws. 4-cable ties, 2-Union "T" connectors.. Sunday: Closed, Tiedown 47260K Model 66/70/80 Master Cylinder Disc Brakes, Kodiak DBC-MB O Ring for Guide Bolt Sleeve. Note: Some disc brakes require the use of flexible brake lines at the connection POINT on the brake caliper. The Model 70 Actuator is completely assembled and ready to bolt into place (Tongue sizes: 3x3, 3x4 & 3x5). The breakaway is not a parking brake. Wipe clean and renew film each time trailer is used. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. The actual in-service rating is limited to that of the ball and hitch being used or the trailer manufacturers G.V.W.R. Use a loose end of hose from the bleeder valve submerged in a glass container of brake fluid to observe bubbling (hose must be submerged into clean brake fluid to keep air from traveling back into the brake cylinder). .. ROLLER KIT FOR 70LP PINS ROLLERS BUSHINGS CLIPS .. MASTER CYLINDER DISC ASSY MODEL 70LP TIE DOWN FOR DISC BRAKES .. MASTER FILLER CAP PLUG 70LP TIE DOWN . Maximum Tongue Load. .. AIR BRAKE SHOE (ONE SHOE)"P" 12K 12.25"*5.00" 4 REQUIRED PER AXLE .. AIR BRAKE SHOE (ONE SHOE)"PQ" 10K 12.25"*4.00" 4 REQUIRED PER AXLE .. AIR BRAKE SHOE (ONE SHOE)"PQ"12-15K 12.25"*5.00" FOUR REQUIRED PER AXLE .. GREEN SHOE RETURN SPRING FOR ADJUSTER 10" HYD FB . 72-007-113-00 HEX CAP SCREW 3/8-16*1.5in. Tie Down Engineering/Dexter Marine of Georgia Part Number: 47260K, Tie Down Engineering Reverse Flow Solenoid - 3/8" Thread, Tie Down Master Cylinder Fill Cap with Internal Bladder, M-F 8:00AM to 4:30PM ET |844-882-8576 | SITE MAP | SITE DISCLAIMER 2016 WWW.TRAILERPARTS.COM, M-F 8:00AM to 4:30PM ET | 844-882-8576 | SITEMAP | SITE DISCLAIMER 2016 TRAILERPARTS.COM, Tie Down Engineering Models 66-70-80 Master Cylinder Kit - Disc Brakes, Cast aluminum master cylinder to help protect against corrosion, Includes all parts necessary to rebuild the actuator master cylinder, Applications: TDE Model 66-70-80 Actuators. Failure to adjust may result in loss of braking. The aluminum construction of the master cylinder will aid in corrosion resistance. .. POLY FLEX 24" BRAKE LINETIE DOWN RUBBER LINE . Never reuse brake fluid. If not, re-fill to 3/8 inch below the top of the reservoir with DOT 3 brake fluid. Tie Downs actuators feature a shock dampener that uses brake fluid from the master cylinder. If the breakaway is accidentally applied while un-hitching, insert a flat bladed screwdriver into the spring clip slotted hole under the actuator and pry down to release. shown on the certification label, whichever is lower (Note: GVWR is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating which includes the trailer and the load weight as a Total Gross Weight). Model 70 will accept 2 trailer hitch balls only. Actuator travel (shown by coupler roller path) over one inch indicates a need to adjust the brakes or add fluid to the reservoir or a need to bleed the brakes and check connections for leaks. 20122022, manualsdir.comAll rights reserved. Your file is uploaded and ready to be published. Always check the brake fluid reservoir before using trailer. Use only DOT-3 heavy-duty hydraulic fluid in the Model 70 actuator. Check for leaks and repair as required. This includes certain sway control devices. rear left side assemblies master brake cylinders Goodyear Marathon tires, Dexter Steel wheels & rims, Hi-spec Aluminum Wheels, as well as complete line of all suspension parts. .. MASTER CYLINDER DISC ASSY MODEL 66 TIE DOWN FOR DISC BRAKES .. POLY FLEX 280" BRAKE LINETIE DOWN RUBBER LINE . Do not tow trailer if coupler is damaged. 336 Sovereign Rd. 72-007-186-00 SHOULDER BOLT 5/8" x 5" FOR DEXTER DISC BRAKES, 72-037-069-01 TRAVEL LINK FOR FREE BACK, 72-040-165-01 AIR BRAKE SHOE (ONE SHOE), 72-040-321-01 AIR BRAKE SHOE (ONE SHOE), 72-040-322-01 AIR BRAKE SHOE (ONE SHOE), 72-046-083-00 GREEN SHOE RETURN SPRING. RATED CAPACITY: Maximum Actuator Capacity: 7000 lbs.
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