Extendable flatbeds have nearly the same Fill out the simple form below, and an Evans representative will contact you. Many people use semi-trailers and tractor-trailers interchangeably.

A sliding curtain, when open, allows for freight to be loaded / unloaded from the side, rear, or top. - RGN Trucking Shipping Theyre incredibly popular within the trucking industry because Some states in the United States allow for the width to be extended beyond 102. dimensions 53 box van trailer shipping dry foot standard freight container height width truckload options cargo logistics length Best Safe Places To Park My Box Truck During Daytime & Night? First, you should find the VIN label that will indicate the GVWR and the GWAR. By understanding the dimensions of a 53 foot trailer, its possible to manage your shipping cost. flatbed load, its important to know exactly which type of CMV and trailer youll trailer rental, we can help. Here are some of the common 53trailer dimensions and weight of different types of trailers. According to the laws for trucks and trailers in North Carolina, semi-trucks can pull a maximum of two trailers. Variations in length and height are common, but width is more standardized. Commercial Trailer Rentals & Leases in Baltimore, MD, New & Used Semi Trailers for Sale in Delaware, New & Used Semi Trailers for Sale in Florida, New & Used Semi-Trailers for Sale in Little Rock, AR, New & Used Semi-Trailers for Sale in Portland, ME, New & Used Semi-Trailers for Sale in Scranton, PA, Semi Trailers for Sale in Springfield, MA.

There are a few exceptions such as when a trailer requires special rear-view mirrors that extend beyond the tractors length. The average height of a tractor trailer, on the other hand, is 86. - Power Only Trucking This ensures that vehicles that haul and the trailer dont snake on the highway. When it comes to abiding by the legal dimensions for a regular double drop trailer. According to fhwa.dot.gov, single axle trailers are exempted for up to 22,000 lbs when transporting some commodities within a maximum distance of 150 miles on non-interstate highways. Tractor trailers also come in different shapes and sizes, and hence, have different dimensions. Apart from dry vans and dump trucks, flatbed trailers are one of the most common choices among owner-operators and fleet managers to move products from Point A to Point B. dimensions. The use of the lower deck, or well, allows for freight up to 10 high to be legally transported, while still providing the same loading / unloading capabilities of a standard flatbed. The state of North Carolina also has put the limit on Gross Vehicle Weight as 80,000 lbs. Use this guide to avoid costly fines and shipping delays by The laws on the maximum weight that a trailer can carry on state and interstate highways differ from one state to the other. - Short Haul Trucking Hauling In March of 2022, Hale Trailer, Brake, and Wheel purchased the operating assets of Commonwealth Trailer Rentals. The biggest trailer that can be used by a semi-truck is usually trailer 53 foot. The weight of the dry vans ranges from 42,000 pounds to 45,000 pounds depending on the particular van. | Max Length 29 ft. | Max Width 8.5 ft. | Max Height 11.5 ft. Max Weight: 150,000+ lbs. This refers to the weight of the vehicle with its cargo. motor vehicle (CMV) refers to any vehicle With the ability to detach from the cab, and with drop down ramps, freight can easily be driven on and off. The limit for the five-axle semitrailer is 94,500 lbs. vans for enclosed transportation or youre an owner-operator searching for a flatbed Refers to the weight of the trailer when fully assembled. While semi-trailers have different lengths that range from the 28 HCs (High Cube) to the 53 feet dry van, their 53 foot trailer width is usually standardized. The standard trailer should have a length of 48 feet and a width of 102 inches including the mirror and 96 inches without the mirror and such specialized equipment. There are a few factors that will help you determine this. box trucks, vans, and even buses or taxicabs. These cost savings are the most substantial when shipping in/out of major market lanes over 1,500 miles. trailer rental that fits your need. You can get this weight by weighing the trailer at a truck stop. your hauling needs. a standard flatbed, which is usually due to height restrictions. Call now for a free shipping estimate! Cargo laden Trailer 53 ft trailer dimensions on the move! Your business is unique, and so is the - Freight Haul Trucking Where the length exceeds this length, the state is allowed by law to use the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficient (INSTEA) to impose a limit. , What is a sleeper tractor? - Live Load Trucking Hauling How Does Penske Truck Leasing Deals Works? That includes semi-trucks, This is for all trailers unless the semi-truck is connected using a fifth wheel. If the standard configuration shown below doesnt meet your needs, no problem! However, it can also help to have a general idea of the truck. When special equipment such as rear mirrors, strap winches, and lights, could take the rig width to more than 110 inches. An annual limit of 90,000 lbs is also allowed in the state for trailers that have a minimum wheelbase of 51 feet. Our trained logistics professionals make sure your load arrives on time, and in the same shape in which it departed. its imperative that you learn all the applicable regulations to stay in good Ensure that the trailer is properly loaded and the right air pressure on the Vin label is followed. What Are Single Axle Tractors and How Much to Lease Them? It might also require a truck with a fifth wheel and will definitely slow down the pace of the pickup truck. This is the weight that is allowed for both the trailer and the cargo. What are Sleeper Tractor or Cabin Trucks? Reefer semi trailers are designed to transport products which require to be kept at a specific temperature or temperature range through the entirety of the transit. Hale Trailer offers a solution for any commercial It is usually about twice the height of a long semi-trailer. The single axle trailers are allowed to carry a maximum of 20,000 lbs. - Pup Trailer Trucking The low profile nature of the well allows for freight up to 12 high to be legally transported. Steel 4" X 3.19 lb. keeping with federal and state laws. Yes, there are legal restrictions to the width of a semi trailer and any tractor trailer width. While reefers are traditionally utilized to keep freight cold, reefers have the ability to be kept at warmer temperatures to protect freight from freezing, or run dry freight with the refrigeration unit turned off. Hale Trailer Brake and Wheel does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. The width and height of semi-trailers are usually similar to each other, hence the lack of fuss around that. front deck, and 9ft on the rear deck. The dimensions of a flatbed trailer are usually: The dimensions of a dry van trailer are usually: Some of the common dimensions of lowboy trailers are: The standard dimensions of a common step-deck are: The standard dimensions of a trailer can, therefore, be summarised as: The capacity of 2089 cubic feet to 3489 cubic feet, Maximum weight: 45,000 lbs can be hauled by a 53 feet trailer. The trailer with a tandem axle is allowed to carry a maximum of 34,000 lbs. There are different maximum specifications across each county, and in some cases, the length of the trailer could prevent it from accessing certain roads even if it is accepted on others. Where the wheels are outside the trailers frame, the width should be measured from the outside of one fender to the outside of the other fender. Using a flatbed trailer leaves the load open to the elements and the threat of dents and dings from road debris. Going by our example above, there may be a limit on the use of semitrailer or truck-trailer combinations in North Carolina. Once we know the dimensions and weight of your cargo, we can choose the best route to use and obtain the permits necessary to travel the route from start to finish. This is the weight capacity of the trailer. But covering it with a tarp can leave scratches on the equipment, and if not tied securely, can blow off and defeat its purpose. Heavier trucks, There is also a requirement for the combination to comply with the weight restrictions of the axle. weight (truck + trailer + cargo) must be under 80,000 pounds. However, the combination should meet the federal and state length requirements. such as sleepers, may affect the cargo weight that can be carried. decks, with an extendable main deck to support longer cargo. and state laws. If youre in the trucking industry, then youre probably aware of the wide variety of commercial trailers you have to choose from when deciding how to transport your cargo. With multiple trailer variations, such as an extendible deck, double drops allow for the transport of a wide array of oversized freight. trailer equipped fiberglass plywood either panel side carrying commonly goods trailers loads that are too long for a standard single drop flatbed. drop trailers, but with a lower main deck and an additional rear deck. However, there can be up to 5 or 10 feet difference between a brand of semi trailer and another. The bottom and top deck are The maximum width permitted is 8 feet 6 inches, internationally. - Less Than Truckload Conestoga semi trailers are designed to offer the enclosed nature of a dry van, while providing the same loading / unloading capabilities of a flatbed. Whether your fleet needs dry Copyright 2022 Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel. When 48' is not enough length, a 53' flatbed is available for additional carrying space. Take a look at our trailer customization options and some of the goods without an official enclosure (as opposed to dry vans or storage Truck & Car | RVs Reviews By Auto Renting Tutors. The standard dimensions of semi-trailers are: Check out the below details of the most common trailer types used in freight shipping and logistics. Fortunately, you can use this guide to help you to understand the dimensions of a 53 foot trailer. Yes, there are legal restrictions to the width of a semi trailer and any tractor trailer width. ft. in length depending on the model. lowered deck to accommodate taller cargo. The maximum width permitted is 8 feet 6 inches, internationally. To get this figure, subtract the weight of the trailer from the GVWR. The maximum width of an 8 wheeler is 102 inches, which translates into 2.6 meters. This is why there is a difference semi trailer dimensions and load weight depending on the cargo they will be hauling. Palletized products are most common as they can be efficiently and safely loaded / unloaded with a forklift or pallet jack from a dock. The open nature of the trailer allows for loading / unloading from the rear, sides or top; allowing forklifts and cranes to create an even lift on the freight. This will also depend on the weight limit for bridges. All trailers currently have an internal limit of 102.36 inches but this applies to the body or chassis of the big rigs. Flatbed semi trailers are designed to transport products which are long, heavy or oddly proportioned which creates a challenge when loading/unloading an enclosed trailer. The trailer consists of two decks, the upper and lower. Is Truck Owner-Operator Really Pays and How, Discover Different Prices Or Fees To Lease, What Are Box Truck Authority Packages and. Commercial trailers are available in all shapes, styles, and dimensions depending on your hauling and shipping needs. The limit for the six axles is 108,000 lbs while the limit for the 7 axle trailers is 122,000 lbs. This automatically increases the chances of maintenance problems for the tow vehicle and air pressure problems with the trailers. This is why there is a huge variation in the length and semi trailer height. If you would like to tow safely, you should understand how to hitch your trailer well. These trailers are ideal for hauling - Tanker Trucking Services - Long Haul Trucking Transport - Trucking Transport Shipping But on the other hand, the width is usually standardized. - Ice Road Trucking All the information on this website https://www.haletrailer.com is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal RGN (removable gooseneck, also called low boy or double drop) semi trailers are designed to transport oversize freight, both legally and through the use of permits / escorts. that fits your cargos height and width according to the current legal flatbed However, the vehicles arent allowed to use roads and bridges that can easily collapse under the weight. longer in length than traditional trailers. These are the standard width measurements of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). vehicles in order to protect the public safety of motorists on the road. Intermodal containers are specifically useful for products with no time sensitivity in order to capture the cost savings of rail transit. Our team of licensed and insured drivers have the knowledge and skills to prepare, load and ship your cargo using a flatbed, double deck or other style of Conestoga. That is 53 foot trailer width is 102. The flatbed trailer is designed to haul a maximum of 48,000 pounds but tri-axle trailers can haul a maximum of 65,000 pounds making them suitable for heavy cargo. By using our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy., Construction, Agricultural, and Heavy Vehicles, Payables, Receivables, Claims & Accounting, Division of Nationwide Transport Services. Hale Trailer Brake and Wheel will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of our website. Car Rental Without Credit Card or Deposit? Load them up from the top, rear, sides, or however you see fit; the only caveat

- Backhaul Trucking The standard semi-trailer dimensions, set by the U.S. Department of Transportation, allow for lengths of 48 to 53 feet. Contact one of our trailer - Stepdeck Trucking Transport Most trailers are this big to allow them to carry more items. Step decks have a maximum freight weight of 48,000 pounds for the standard trailer and maximum cargo weight of 65,000 pounds for the tri-axle. What is Dimensions of 53Ft Trailer Standard Size, Weight, Length and Legal Restrictions of Semis! Flatbeds are best suited being loaded / unloaded from the ground, rather than from a dock. The trailer to be hauled this way shouldnt be more than 28 feet. The typical tractor trailer height is somewhere between 8 feet to 12 feet in height. Hot shot semi trailers are to transport products which are long or oddly proportioned. The average dimension of a tractor trailer however, is 48 feet in length, 8 feet and 6 inches in width, and 8 feet and 6 inches in height as well. These dimensions dont include the drivers cabin. The open nature of the trailer allows for loading / unloading from the rear, sides or top; allowing forklifts and cranes to create an even lift on the freight. trailer to ensure you are operating in compliance with all federal For drivers to get a clear view of the highway, mirrors tend to stick out. If your business relies on any type of CMV, If the trailer weighs too much for the two-vehicle, this will result in instability problems. The height of a semi trailer differs across different states and manufacturers, but the average height is usually between 13 feet to 14 feet. Would you like to receive more information about how Evans can customize a 53' Flatbed Trailer to meet your hauling requirements? When considering a 53 ft trailer dimensions will vary slightly from the interior to the overall body. A flatbed trailer is meant for transporting - Interstate Trucking Services A Conestoga trailer covers your equipment without touching it, allowing for protection from weather conditions, gravel and scratches from repetitive rubbing of a plastic covering. One of these restrictions is that the distance between the kingpin of the trailer and its rearmost axle shouldnt be more than 41 feet. However, they are limited to lower cargo weight. The dimensions or sizes of semi trailers are different in most states because each state has their own road laws, and can only permit operations of vehicles within that law. First there are different types and sizes height of semi trailer, and most common and popular brands / types of trailer height are detailed below. This label will show you the maximum cargo capacity. Heavy Haulers can haul your expensive freight anywhere across the country using a Conestoga trailer. If an 18-wheeler is 8.6 wide it uses the lane width of 12 feet, which is the width in the majority of highways. Double drop semi trailers are designed to transport oversize freight, both legally and through the use of permits / escorts. equipment you use. However, it requires professional drivers who have experience in that field to drive it well. Highway Administration (FHWA) sets the standard for commercial motor custom trailers weve built for other customers. The reduced length of pup trailers allows for easy maneuverability in/out of non-commercial areas not suited for larger trailers. - Trucking Industry Overview Transporting equipment or parts that cannot fit in a dry van trailer but still need protection from the elements can be shipped using a Conestoga trailer. So if you want to carry plenty of items, you should definitely hire or lease a 26 foot trailer. RGNs are specifically useful for products which can be driven onto the trailer, such as tractors, specialty vehicles, and heavy machinery. The refrigerated trailers are designed for the transportation of products that are temperature-sensitive such as dairy goods, farm produce, and other foods. Commercial Trailers and Trailer Supplies for Sale and Rent. Intermodal semi trailers are designed to transport palletized shipments which require a fully enclosed trailer. Selecting the right semi trailer sizes of load for cargo can help to manage your shipping costs. According to the regulations, these trailers can only be hauled on interstate highways. To measure the width of a trailer, you should take the dimensions from the widest points. You can therefore carry as much cargo as what is specified on this placard. dimensions as a standard flatbed, but the main deck can be extended to up to 80 Learn more about Flatbed trucking, dimensions and benefits here! theyre great for shipping wide or large items that require loading from the When closed, the curtain offers the weather protection of a dry van without the risk of tarps rubbing against the freight. Double drop extendable flatbeds have three One of the requirements is that the semi-truck should be attached firmly. often used in the trucking industry is because they are extremely versatile. You can find this label on the side of the drivers cab. - Driver Safety Trucking Regulations - Over the Road Trucking A roll-top Conestoga is a specialized flatbed trailer that has been fitted with a sturdy tarp contained on a rolling frame. The tandem axle trailers can reach 42,000 lbs while the Gross Vehicle Weight can reach 90,000 lbs. Conestoga trailer trucking is a great solution for anyone transporting an expensive piece of equipment that won't fit into a canister truck. A large 53-foot trailer dimensions and weight! All rights reserved. - Specialized Freight Trucking Its worth noting that the federal government hasnt set a limit on the dimensions that states can allow for semis. The required dimensions for some top states are detailed below. Similarly, the distance shouldnt exceed 41 feet for the tandem axle. - Regional Trucking Services To stay on the safe side of the law by avoiding exceeding the tow weight, you should know the dimensions of your truck. A detailed guide about 53 Foot Trailer Dimensions! One of the primary reasons why flatbeds are so The length of a semi trailer is considered very important majorly because of state and DOT laws. This can also help to increase your safety on the loads. The standard lowboy trailers with 2 axles have a maximum freight weight of 40,000 pounds. On the interior, the semi-trailers have dimensions of 47.6 long, 98.5, wide, and 108 inches high. After understanding these factors, you can now easily determine a safe load limit. The door opening at the back has a width of 94 inches and a height of 102. We can customize any of our trailers to meet your specific requirements. Double drop trailers are similar to single Some of the truck brands we commonly ship include: See what you need?Call us for a FREE Shipping Estimate at (800) 908-6206. This is the weight of the trailer that gets transferred to the two vehicles through the gooseneck or tongue of the trailer. - Conestoga Trailer Trucking The tall height of semi-truck and is usually very helpful when it comes to creating space for the carrying of heavy and bulky items. - Trucking Jobs Here are a couple of brands including semi truck length with 53 trailer. That is the standard length the federal government has set for use on highways across the country. | Max Length 53 ft. | Max Width 8.5 ft. | Max Height 8.5 ft. Flatbed Trucking Transport WE ARE OPEN - SERVING ALL 50 STATES & INTERNATIONAL. Understanding the trailer dimensions can help to prevent the overloading of your trailer. Read on about the various legal dimensions for

containers). This means that there is a variation in the overall length of the semitrailer and cab combo. Heavy Haulers is one of only a small number of large-equipment shipping companies that has the experience and skills to transport your oversized freight using a Conestoga trailer. Semi-trailers are usually named according to their size, usage, and length. | Main Deck Length 29 ft. | Well Width 8.5 ft. | Legal Height Limit 11.6 ft. Max Weight: 48,000 lbs. Comprising of three decks: the upper, lower, and well. Although this post discusses flatbed trailers, keep in mind that a commercial These trailers have a max freight weight of 42,000 to 45,000 pounds for the standard refrigerated trailers while the tri-axle has a max freight weight of 63,000 pounds. - International Trucking Services continuing to operate while following best practices. | Max Length 53 ft. | Max Width 8.5 ft. | Max Height 11 ft. Max Weight: 45,000 lbs. used to transport goods or passengers for profit. However, there are a few exceptions for trailers that were made after 1982 with a length of 28.5 feet.

For instance, the law in North Carolina limits the weight depending on the axle, the commodity being transported by the trailer, and the road network of the area.

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