Servicing on this machine is pretty straight forward, the only problem being is with certain fuel filters needing a special tool to remove them, the worst one being so close to the chassis making it impossible to get a filter strap round it. Longer, wider undercarriage Cab The bogie skidder incorporates the customerfavorite features found in the LII machines, including a comfortboosting cab, redesigned electrical and hydraulic systems, and industryexclusive Continuously Variable Transmission. To support us you can subscribe to our bi-monthly magazine which is delivered to your door from only 30 per year. Engine Model the cutting area. Robbie also pointed out that on other manufacturers machines, to save dropping the big belly plates, they have smaller access hatches underneath for draining the oil and greasing the propshaft, and he felt this would be a good addition to the 1270G. It has an operating range of minimum diameter at chest height (BHD) 40 mm to a maximum 500 mm. head) 8,6 m (28,2 ft)/10,0 m (32,8 ft)/11,0 m (36,1 ft), Gross Lifting Torque 225 kNm (166 ft.-lb), Slewing Torque 59 kNm (44 ft.-lb), Slewing Angle 220, Tilt Angle Forward/Back +28/ -18, Rotation angle 160, Sideways Tilt 17, Forward and Backward Tilt 9, Type PC/Windows 07-based TimberMatic H-16. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Forestmachineoperatorjobs presents Logging and Forestry videos showing the latest equipment working in the Forest, Share on Facebook This will provide safe and advanced training solution for their operators.. Additionally, due to the thicker material, the cab is better insulated, resulting in a quieter environment on the job site. John Deere takes care of the 1500 (big) services and Colin and I do the750 ones. For us older dudes, here in northern Europe, we still refer to John Deere as SA, or even Kockums. IBC is now available on the 953MH and 959MH. Select up to 4 models to compare specifications - Overall Robbie thought that the lighting is very good; the only addition would be to add more lights at the back of the machine which would activate when reversing. The use of just one system makes the operators work faster and easier. Chain oil usage between 5 and 10 litres a day. Share on Twitter The John Deere 1270G is an eight wheel drive harvester and is available with optional IBC crane control. Operators can view the simulation through a single-display, 55 TV. Although this machine is only eight months old I feel there is excessive wear on the arm. 859M Features After this he began working for the family company, Walton Logging LTD, where he has been ever since. Armrestmounted electrohydraulic controls offer accessible, handfinger operation of all machine functions, and joystick steering provides smooth control of steer, direction, and ground speed. The new harvesting heads provide excellent performance, durability, measuring accuracy and economy, said Sakari Suuriniemi, product marketing manager Wheeled Harvesters and Heads at John Deere Forestry.

The controls used for reaching and securing trees for harvest intuitively mirror how the equipment might function if it were the operators arm.

The H425 harvester head for the larger size class is available on the 1270G and 1470G base machines. After operating older machines in the past, the new frame brakes are a lot better. it4 1470e harvester deere These are optional extras with Robbie saying these are well worth the upgrade. The horsepower update further adds to the customer-driven features found on the M-Series and MH-Series machines. MOLINE, IL (Feb. 17, 2021) In response to customer needs, John Deere announces its Precision Forestry initiative, a focused approach to its job site technology solutions. The hose layout is neat and tidy on the crane with the hoses under the kingpost causing the only notable problem. {{#each product.specData:i}} This time, we managed to find a machine that had been in use less than a week. The SBC software is now available as a standard feature on new tracked feller bunchers and harvesters or as an upgrade for existing M- and MH-Series machine owners. What happened during the 70s and 80s was that the Finnish company Rauma Repola purchased Kockums, Lokomo, SA, Mini Brunett, some more and eventually Timberjack. As a result, CVT provides more power to the ground by sensing the load, increasing torque and tractive effort as needed to maintain the desired speed. Efforts in the U.S. have included the following: 2:1 employee match program encouraging donations to local food banks and the American Red Cross, Production of approximately 18,000 protective face shields for use by factory employees, Employee volunteerism efforts to sew cloth masks for community members along with a match from the John Deere Foundation for the time invested in this volunteer activity, Launch of a COVID-19 innovations site to share open-source specifications for related projects, including 3D-printed clips to affix face shields to protective bump caps. Optimal weight distribution and a long wheelbase combine to maximize stability when climbing hills while controlling the load. and 180 cm3 (11 The CH6 parallel harvester boom on the 1170G combines easy handling with enormous slew power ratings. With IBC, the operator controls only the harvester head while the system takes care of the booms movement. TimberMatic MapsTimberMatic Maps registers the harvesters route and felled assortments with the exact location of each log. Manufacturers of high quality forestry equipment for sustainable forestry. Forestry can have many goals e.g economic, human or environmental. Deere, in collaboration with the UAW, the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and the Illinois Manufacturers Association has joined a number of organizations and companies across the country to produce protective face shields for health-care workers in response to the COVID-19 health crisis. The 1270G stands at 2750mm wide with 600 tyres. Front Balanced bogie axles, Rear Rigid axle, Voltage 24 V, Batteries 2 x 154 Ah, Alternator 150 amps (28 volts), Lights Halogen: 10 work lights; 4 boom lights and 6 thinning lights/LED lights optional. Enhancements have been made to the previously released Smooth Boom Control (SBC), as well as Improved Seat and Heated-Ventilated Seat (HVS) and Premium Radio that is XM ready. The new kind of coating enabled by the manufacturing technique and the wear protection it brings are also significant improvements on the previous ones, said Sami Kulmala, marketing manager, John Deere. As mentioned above, the 1470G is the biggest of the JD harvesters. Employees started production on Wednesday, April 8, at the John Deere Seeding Group in Moline, Illinois. Additionally, the windows are improved to enhance scratch resistance and withstand chemicals and cleaning solutions, while also enhancing optic quality. Also including improved hose routing from loader to harvester head and from valve block to feed motors, the hoses are routed through the frame and well protected within the structures, improving durability. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Deere expects to produce 25,000 face shields in the initial stages of production and has ordered materials and supplies to produce an additional 200,000 face shields. Machine response is important to efficient machine operation, especially when working in challenging conditions day in and day out, said Jim OHalloran, product marketing manager, John Deere. To view the video you must explicitly agree to the use of Youtube. Refuelling is by the quick fit coupling at the back of the machine. IBCs smooth and fluid motion actively dampens functional change of directions, protecting boom structures and increasing wear life. To learn more about the Full Tree Forestry Simulator, customers can contact their local dealer. *Dimensions are guidelines only and may vary depending on production tolerances. The computer is very easy to use with all the information needed on the work screen and straightforward to see. This development offers cost-effective and efficient operator training in a risk-free environment, all while avoiding wear and tear on equipment. Revolutionary rotating cab tracks the boom up to 80 degrees in each direction so the operator can concentrate on the harvester head and the work at hand. Select up to 4 models to compare specifications - Share by Email. CraneFor the size of the Machine Robbie says the crane power is very good. I joined the team as a freelance editor in January 2020. MOLINE, IL (May 18, 2021) Improving the durability of its machines, John Deere now features RENCRAFT Super Hard Coat polycarbonate windows as a standard offering on its G-Series harvesters and G-Series forwarders. "Profitability and productivity are critical in the woods, and as loggers take to new areas for jobs, they need dependable machines that are built with these niche applications in mind," said Matthew Flood, product marketing manager, John Deere. Tracked Feller Buncher

Copyright 2021 American Loggers Council. 6 John Deere Forestry Machines You May Not Know About, Why You Should Use the John Deere CH570 Sugar Cane Harvester, Growing, Harvesting, and Baling Hay: A Complete Guide, Image Gallery: 15 John Deere Forestry Harvester Action Shots. ), Maximum Operational Pressure 28 MPa (4060 psi), Hydraulic Tank 300 l (79 gal. The smooth, stable operation results in reduced machine vibration, ultimately minimizing operator fatigue. ), Tractive Force 200 kN (44960 lb), Gear 1 0 7,5 km/h (0 4,3 mph), Gear 2 0 22 km/h (13,7 mph), Proportional frame steering with mini lever, Turning Angle +/- 44. Forestry is a science and various actions we perform in forests to process, preserve and manage our forests. This means it isnt necessary to take the head cover off to change it. Because the fact is that John Deere Forestry is a conglomerate of many brands. Like its predecessor, these heads have 4WD feed. This technological advancement is compatible with construction simulator controls and software, and is also available in desktop simulators. The 768LII features heavyduty bogie axles, outstanding tractive ability and floatation, increasing durability and performance in challenging conditions. The tight turning radius enhances agility at the landing. You are all set to get the latest logging news and updates from from ALC. MachineFinder was created in 1998. The operators can mark avoidable or difficult areas on the map, or any other notes from the terrain. Excellent Back up from John Deere said Robbie. Previously, the industry has focused on developing bigger, faster, more powerful machines to boost performance, but larger machines sometimes present more challenges, especially on job sites with limitations, said Matthew Flood, product marketing manager, John Deere. The head is relatively easy to grease. Attachments H480C, H270 Series II, H415, H215E and H290. I want to recognize the hard work that Secretary-Treasurerand Agriculture Implement Department DirectorRay Curry and Region 4 Director Ron McInroy contributed to this effort. Our main focus for all operators is safety, comfort, and the control needed to tackle any forestry job. Robbie uses sequence control to start the tree then uses manual saw for crosscutting. Technology has been a gamechanger for the forestry industry, enabling us to improve operator efficiency and performance without altering machine size. Engine Model standard boom. John Deere Choking hazard - small parts. Measuring is really good with calibration via callipers keeping everything accurate. Here is a film from the visit to the JD 1470G. YouTube Video UCaIB2FXvAb-aLbqjaB1O-1A_FhqfOCbIPMU, YouTube Video UCaIB2FXvAb-aLbqjaB1O-1A_71zsApmiF-g, YouTube Video UCaIB2FXvAb-aLbqjaB1O-1A_GWdrVkYnOSk, YouTube Video UCaIB2FXvAb-aLbqjaB1O-1A_c42RoGdA_II, YouTube Video UCaIB2FXvAb-aLbqjaB1O-1A_za5PX4NiSxU, YouTube Video UCaIB2FXvAb-aLbqjaB1O-1A_7yw76y5_RSk, YouTube Video UCaIB2FXvAb-aLbqjaB1O-1A_d-anm3RVzwM, YouTube Video UCaIB2FXvAb-aLbqjaB1O-1A_uA9SKFDdfdw, YouTube Video UCaIB2FXvAb-aLbqjaB1O-1A_ajhDHLc-xyM, Deere Begins Production Of Protective Face Shields for Health-Care Workers, John Deere Unveils New 768L-II Bogie Skidder, John Deere, New Options For Forwarder Booms, Intelligent Boom Control now on MH-Series, Forestry Commission introduces further controls to tackle Spruce bark beetle tree pest, Forest Machine Magazine, Registered Name & Address: Robert Easton Ltd: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR, UK. The machine is fitted with a low noise 160 rotating levelling cabin (side tilt +/- 17, front/rear tilt 9) and TimberMatic control, TimberMatic maps and TimberManager systems installed as standard. -Easy Daily Maintenance Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates. Load-sensing, power-adjustable, double pump system. Blue Line - Stronger, Tougher, Smarter. The development of this model is a result of global collaboration between the John Deere Wheeled Cut-to-Length and Full-Tree Forestry teams, aiming to implement IBCs field proven technology into MH-Series of tracked harvesters.

The Training Simulator allows operators to explore interactive virtual logging sites as if they were in the cab of an actual John Deere machine. Several pressure sensors have been added to TimberMatic, making it possible to adjust most settings from inside the cabin and even without tools. TimberMatic Maps is a standard feature in new John Deere forest machines and it is available with an upgrade kit for older models. harvester 1470g

Tracked Feller Buncher Here are some figures picked out from Model John Deere PowerTech Plus 6090, Non-Road Emission Standards EPA FT4, Maximum Power 200 kW (268 hp) at 1600 1900 rpm, Maximum Torque 1315 Nm (970 ft.-lb) at 1200 1400 rpm, Fuel Tank Capacity 450 l (119 gal. We are especially proud of the courageous UAW members who are stepping up to do this critical work.. This attachment is ideal for final fellings and other fellings where the tree diameter at chest height (BHD) is 250-500 mm. Robbie left school at 15 and went to college for a year before joining John Deere forestry at Carlisle. When felling with the head at an angle the head loses grip resulting in the saw getting stuck. In the series about sturdy harvesters, we have now come to the John Deere 1470G the top of the line harvester in the John Deere range. From dusk until dawn, through any weather conditions, the John Deere forestry harvesters are ready to take on any project that awaits then. Engine Model standard boom. 09823 - John Deere 1270G harvester with one tree trunk, adapter for loading crane grabber and hook, Removable harvester unit with moving grippers, transport rollers and sawing unit, One tree trunk with roots included in scope of delivery. Incorporating the proven, durable features found on the John Deere LIISkidderlineup, the new 768LII maximizes productivity, performance, and comfort when carrying hefty loads over long distances in challenging conditions. Length 7945 mm (26,07 ft.), Front Axle Middle Joint 2250 mm (7,38 ft.), Rear Axle Middle Joint 2020 mm (6,63 ft.), Wheelbase 4270 mm (14,01 ft.), Tires, Front/Rear 26.5-20/34-16, 600 Series Tires/650 Series Tires N/A / Min. IBC allows the operator to focus on controlling the attachment, helping improve efficiency. You can edit your Privacy Settings here: Do you have any questions about our products and company? RDA means faster troubleshooting by maintenance peopleand thus improved uptime for the machine. hydraulic prentice harvester forwarder About John Deere Deere & Company ( is a world leader in providing advanced products, technology and services for customers whose work is revolutionizing agriculture and construction those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich and build upon the land to meet the world's increasing need for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure. As a result, the harvesting window is extended, adding more working days to the calendar. 6930 mm (22,74 ft.), 710/750 Tires N/A / Min. 903M

John Deere announced the release of the new and innovative Forestry Full-Tree Training Simulator. {{#each pushedProductsPlacement5}}, With AgriExpo you can: Find a nearby distributor or reseller| Contact the manufacturer to get a quote or a price | Examine product characteristics and technical specifications for major brands | View PDF catalogues and other online documentation. Your IP address is anonymized before transmission. They have five wheeled CTL-harvesters in their range; 1070G, 1170G, 1270G, 1270G 8wd and the 1470G. After completing the CAPTCHA below, you will immediately regain access to the site again. About John Deere: Deere & Company ( is a world leader in providing advanced products, technology and services for customers whose work is revolutionizing agriculture and construction those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich and build upon the land to meet the world's increasing need for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure. Another problem is the nipple behind the measuring wheel which is sometimes difficult to get at due to sticks getting jammed behind the measuring wheel electric hose. The frame brake is really good with no real issues. They all teamed up, first under the brand FMG (Forest Machine Group) and then Timberjack. 2022All rights reserved

2990 mm (9,81 ft.), 710 Series Tires/750 Series Tires N/A / Min. The new, more durable coating on the windows is created during the manufacturing process, eliminating the need for separate coating or minor distortions. Although the lighting is perfectly adequate more lights on the front would be a welcome addition. The single speed motors give really good torque and grip with excellent delimbing. I had a drive on a 1270 test machine last year with a prototype frame brake which uses stabilising rams and it was so much better. DRIVELINE

Additional information is available in this. Specs & Compare The logging industry is built on hard work its part of the industrys DNA. This allows for a wider tuning range for individual functions and improves the set-up for multiple Operator preferences and skill levels. To learn more about the Precision Forestry technology offerings, as well as the full line of John Deere Forestry equipment, visit or a local John Deere dealer. SBC delivers a smoother experience for the operator and less wear and tear on the machine over time.. With improved seat cushioning, built-in contoured lumbar and thigh support and additional clearance for their thighs, all sizes of operators can feel comfortable in any desired seating position. Fuel consumption on this site is 17 litres per hour and production is 21.4m per hour. Not suitable for children under 36 months. John Deere can look back at a long tradition in forestry. Continuous improvement is always top of mind when it comes to our equipment, and enhancing the machine control and operator comfort levels are prime examples of offering a greater customizable functionality to operators.. This consent allows you to display the embedded store locator. The operator station was designed by loggers, for loggers, with maximum comfort in mind. The cab greasing is taken care of by two banks of nipples under the cab. To learn more about the 853M Tracked Feller Buncher and 853M Tracked Harvester, as well as the complete John Deere lineup of forestry equipment, visit or your local John Deere dealer. These should be installed on future machines. The cab is really comfortable with everything where it needs to be and with more storage than I actually use. 60030) and MACK timber transport truck (item no. The 281horsepower 768LII features heavyduty bogie axles, which incorporate large components to maximize durability and stability for long axle and tire life. Robbie says he could do with more storage, one of his main complaints is theres nowhere to keep his electric grease gun. We want to complement that work ethic with machine intelligence and system-level integration, delivering the tools loggers need to increase efficiency and performance in the woods, said Flood. Engine Manufacturer John Deere He also says the tensioning could be improved as the chain occasionally runs off the rails. "With our new 768LII Bogie Skidder, we're delivering a purposebuilt machine that navigates tough terrain, such as swamps or steep slopes. Updated Smooth Boom Control (SBC) improves the amount of pressure needed to operate a function, giving the operator more feel and control of the movement, especially during fine metering. John Deere Our manufacturing and supply management teams, along with our production and maintenance employees, the UAW, and our partners have worked tirelessly to ensure we could lend our support and protect our health-care workers during this crisis, said John May, Chief Executive Officer, Deere & Company. The 768LII retains the other customerfavorite features introduced on the LII product lineup. The crane lights are on the underside of the main boom which Robbie feels are adequate but additional lights on the underside of the dipper boom would be a welcome addition. You have no items in your shopping basket. Streamlined and redesigned electrical and hydraulic systems result in improved uptime and increase guarding and protection of key components. A good addition in recent times though is that on the opposite side of the cab from the drivers door is a compartment for the essential spill kit.

You've disabled cookies in your web browser. Pumpin Pain: Southern Loggin Times I By: David ALC to be the National Sponsor of Log-A-Load A Shot Across the Bow: New Legislation PONSSE Scorpion Future Cabin received the John Deere Unveils 900 MH-Series Tracked Harvester with Intelligent Boom Control, John Deere Introduces New Forestry Full-Tree Training Simulator, John Deere Announces Updates to M-Series Forestry Equipment, John Deere Introduces New H423 and H425 Harvester Heads, John Deere Intros 330-Horsepower Option for the 853M and 853MH Machines, John Deere Improves Window Quality on Its G-Series Harvesters and Forwarders, John Deere Adds Smooth Boom Control Technology for Tracked Feller Bunchers and Harvesters, John Deere Unveils Its Powerful, Purpose-Built 768L-II Bogie Skidder, John Deere Unveils Its Precision Forestry Technology Initiative, John Deere Begins Production of Protective Face Shields for Health-Care Workers.
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