The Anonymous collective is officially in cyber war against the Russian government.

Hackers leaked files and photos known as The Xinjiang Police Files displaying human rights abuses committed by the Chinese government against the Uyghur population. Thecyberattackbroke into computers across Israels government and tech companies. The actor responsible is still unknown, but the cyberattack led to the government extending voting by two days. July 21 (UPI) -- For the first time in 11 years, the European Central Bank raised interest rates to battle rampant inflation, moving up by a higher-than-expected 0.5 percentage point. The Norwegian NSM security authority attributed the attack to pro-Russian hackers. All the targeted accounts were either U.S. and Israeli defense technology companies, had a focus on Persian Gulf ports of entry, or maritime transportation companies with a presence in the Middle East. Reports are coming in heavy fightings. We want a future for all of humanity. February 2022. The diplomats received an email disguised as a New Year greetings screensaver but which, after being opened, installed a remote access trojan. May 2022. August 2021. The campaign included spreading disinformation on social media platforms and websites regarding Lynas Rare Earths alleged environmental record. JUST IN: #Russian state TV channels have been hacked by #Anonymous to broadcast the truth about what happens in #Ukraine. Misconfiguration can prove perilous to high-value targets. Iran used Facebook accounts to pose as recruiters, journalists, and NGO affiliates,targeting U.S. military personnel. The group also created fake government and military websites to deliver malware to their targets. Researchers founda total of100 victims in Myanmar and 1,400 in the Philippines, including many government entities. There have been cyber skirmishes elsewhere in the conflict. August 2021.

The module embedded in the phones detects and censors 449 keywords or groups of keywords that are counter to the message of the Chinese government. April 2022. "If anybody will decide to organize a cyberattack or any war activities against Russia, we are going to use our all possible resources to strike back at the critical infrastructures of an enemy," the Conti blog post read. Sign up to receive The Evening, a daily brief on the news, events, and people shaping the world of international affairs. EU hits Russia with new sanctions package over Ukraine war. This announcement came after Australian media outlets blamed Chinese government hackers for the attack. May 2022. ", Russia claims victories in Donbas region, fires rockets at Mykolaiv in south Ukraine, President Biden not at risk of serious COVID-19 illness, White House says, Bannon attorneys call no witnesses, contempt trial headed for closing arguments, Bill to legalize cannabis nationwide introduced in Senate. Editor: A hacking group targeted a high-profile Iranian prison, uncovering documents, videos, and imagesthatdisplayed theviolent treatment ofitsprisoners. A Chinese hacking group breached several German pharma and tech firms. New vaccination appointments were unable to be scheduled for several days after the attack.

His assistance included ATM cash-out operations, cyber-enabled bank heists, and business email compromise (BEC) schemes. The attack disrupted internet services on the Islands for over a week. More than three decades ago, the movie Top Gun not only had everyone feeling "the need for speed," it also introduced the Navy's elite fighter weapons school to the world. Meta announces a project that can turn words into 3D objects to create virtual worlds, Security researchers bypassed AirTag's anti-stalking protection, Lloyds on 'heightened alert' for Russian cyberattacks on banks - CEO, Ukrainian government websites down in a suspected DDoS attack. Various Chinese cyber-espionage groups are responsible for the hacks of at least five major Southeast Asian telecommunication providers beginning in 2017. Internet users suspect that this may be another action by the hacker group #Anonymous, which declared a cyber war to Russia in connection with the attack on #Ukraine. Hackers targeted Harmonys Horizon, a blockchain bridge, accessing personal data that ultimately led to the theft of approximately $100 million. The module embedded in the phones detects and censors 449 keywords or groups of keywords that are counter to the message of the Chinese government. An American company announced that the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) launched a campaign targeting resellers and other technology service providers that customize, deploy and manage cloud services. The FBI and the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), released a statement exposing a spearfishing campaign by, Chinese state-sponsored hackers between 2011 and 2013. . Chinese hackers breached four more U.S. defense and technology firms in December, in addition to one organization in November.

July 2021. The group states its goal was to target NATO countries and Ukraine. The hack affectedaround1,500 small and midsized businesses, with attackers asking for $70 millionin payment.

May 2022. Hackers targeted three Iranian steel companies, forcing the countrys state-owned plant to halt production. May 2022. July 21 (UPI) -- Britain said Thursday it will supply Kyiv with more weapons, including artillery guns, drones and anti-tank weapons as Russia continues to batter eastern Ukraine. Researchers believe the attack came from the same group with ties to the Russian GRU that targeted Ukraines power grid in 2016, using an updated form of the same malware. June 2022. June 2022. July 2021. The hacker movement is known for its various worldwide cyberattacks over the last two decades. They attributed responsibility toChina for the Microsoft Exchange hackfromearly 2021 andthecompromiseofmore than 100,000 servers worldwide. To that end, Russia has also opened a cyber front. January 2022. April 2022. Anonymous owns fascists, always," the group tweeted. Th attack affected the agencys ability to run their online store. Since 2017, Russian operators hacked the social media accounts of government officials and news websites, with the goal of creating distrust in U.S. and NATO forces.

Irans transport and urbanization ministrywas the victim of acyber attackthat impacted display boards at stationsthroughoutthe country. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that operations like this may threaten the security of Chinas critical infrastructure and compromise trade secrets. November 2021. Hackers targeted a Ukrainian energy facility, but CERT-UA and private sector assistance largely thwarted attempts to shutdown electrical substations in Ukraine. August 2021. The attackers hacked satellite modems belonging to thousands of Europeans to disrupt the companys service. Hacks initially attributed to Iran in 2019 and 2020 were found to be conducted by Chinese operatives. January 2022.

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. July 21 (UPI) -- India hailed Droupadi Murmu, 64, as its first Indigenous tribal president in a historic election Thursday. A Chinese-linked hacking group gained access to calling records and text messages from telecommunication carriers across the globe, according to a report from CrowdStrike. Similarly, from what we can see, the response against Russia from the west has not had a strong cyber component so far it has been about stringent sanctions. Even Pornhub had its say by blocking Russian users and greeting them with the Ukrainian flag and a message of support. The Department of Defense provides the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation's security. A widespread APT operation was discovered against users in Southeast Asia, believed to be spearheaded by Chinese entities. An Iranian-linked group conducted espionage and other malicious cyber operations against a range of private companies and local and federal governments. The content you requested does not exist or is not available anymore. October 2021. The Romanian National Directorate of Cyber Security said that multiple public and private sector websites were hit with DDoS attacks. Their investigation of the hacks claims the actors attempted to capture classified information relating to Norways national defense and security intelligence. March 2022.

November 2021 . The hacks started with a phishing email to deliver a malware-laden file to the target. Iran used Facebook accounts to pose as recruiters, journalists, and NGO affiliate. Hackers exploited the Log4j vulnerability to compromise the network. July 2021. 'Hasta la vista, baby! March 2022. A Beijing-based cybersecurity companyaccused the U.S. National Security Agency of engineering a back-door to monitor companies and governments in over 45 countries around the world. May 2022. Hackers leaked data and photos from the Israeli Defense Ministry after gaining access to 165 servers and 254 websites, overall compiling around 11 terabytes of data. January 2022. The Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency (INSA) stated hackers targeted the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Two hours after the vote opened for Hungarys opposition primary elections, the polling systems in electoral districts nationwide fell victim to a cyberattack. The ministry said its website was targeted by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that originated from outside Russia. And it looks like they were serious. June 2022. A cyber-espionage group linked to one of Russias intelligence forces targeted the Slovak government from February to July. U.S. Southern Command's commander said she's working to grow that neighborly feeling among the U.S. and Latin American and Caribbean nations. July 2021. A U.N. report claimed that North Korea hackers stole more than $50 million between 2020 and mid-2021 from three cryptocurrency exchanges. April 2022. Hackers targeted Lithuanias state railway, airports, media companies, and government ministries with DDoS attacks. September 2021. broke into computers across Israels government and tech companies. Some experts have stipulated the hackers have ties to Iran, but no link has been confirmed. Chinese officials claim a foreign intelligence agency hacked into several airlines in China and stole passenger information. The campaign targeted oil and natural gas pipeline companies in the United States. August 2021.

Anonymous also said it had hacked the Ministry of Defence database, while on Sunday it was claimed the group had hacked Russian state TV channels, posting pro-Ukraine content including patriotic songs and images from the invasion. Hackersare offering to delete the data in exchange for $50millionin cryptocurrency. #OpRussia #OpKremlin #FckPutin #StandWithUkriane, Someone hacked into Russian state TV channels. A phishing campaign targeted the Jordan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

November 2021. June 2022. A group linked to Iran took responsibility for the hack. The group claims to be hacktivists demanding the release of political prisoners. There is a special military operation going on. prisoners. June 2022.

January 2022. The Lithuanian Defense Ministry found hidden features in popular 5G smartphone models manufactured in China, according to its state-run cybersecurity body. Anonymous updated their tweet by removing the link. The cyber activity from Russia against Ukraine has been there, but is consistent with Russias cyber harassment of the country going back years. The Australian deputy prime minister, also the nation's minister of defense, said he found "a real sense of shared mission in this moment" during his recent trip to Washington the first by an official of Australia's new government. "I want to help beat Ukraine from my computer," one such actor told the BBC recently, after he and his team conducted DDos attacks on Ukrainian government websites. The SLDCs manage SCADA systems and researchers suggested that PLA-linked hackers may be involved. The Norwegian Government stated a series of cyberattacks against private and state IT infrastructure came from bad actors sponsored by and operating from China. The Government claims that they first encountered problems posting to the Prime Ministers account in mid-2021. Late on Thursday the hacker collective tweeted from an account linked to Anonymous, @YourAnonOne, that it had Vladimir Putins regime in its sights. February 2022. The Independent Barents Observer AS. Hackers penetrated the websites belong to multiple Russian agencies including the Energy Ministry, the Federal State Statistics Service, the Federal Penitentiary Service, and the Federal Bailiff Service., The groups nature as an informal collective makes it difficult to attribute these attacks to Anonymous definitively. April 2022. Audience ratings certified by ACPM/OJD. Researchers identified campaigns by two North Korean government-backed groups targeting employees across numerous media, fintech, and software companies. The FBI, National Security Agency (NSA) and CISA announced that Chinese state-sponsored hackers targeted and breached major telecommunications companies and network service providers since at least 2020. Hackers targeted municipal public address systems in Jerusalem and Eliat, triggering the air raid sirens systems throughout both cities. April 2022. The newly elected President of Costa Rica declared a national emergency as a result of the attack and the group asked for $20 million in ransom or it plans to leak the stolen data.

The attacks botnet used over 350 IP addresses from around the world and the denial of service was sustained for four hours. February 2022. Russian hackers exploited avulnerability in Kaseyasvirtual systems/server administrator(VSA) software allowing themto deploy a ransomware attack on the network. It was Thursday this week Vladimir Putin launched a massive military attack on Ukraine. January 2022. The RT is considered a major propaganda channel for the Putin regime. The hackers used phishing emails advertising fake job opportunities and exploited a vulnerability in Google Chrome to compromise the companies websites and spread malware. Following the breach, the hacker requested payment, presumably not to disclose the stolen data. A Russian-speaking group targeted the personal information of around 3,500 individuals, including government officials, journalists, and human rights activists. The victims included the ministry of defense, border police, national railway company, and the OTP Bank. 100 victims in Myanmar and 1,400 in the Philippines, including many government entities. Transnet Port Terminals (TPT), South Africas state-run ports operator and freight rail monopoly, had its rail services disrupted after a hack by unknown actors. Hackers targeted individuals on Facebook, persuading them to download apps that contain Android backdoors utilized for espionage. Some experts have stipulated the hackers have ties to Iran, but no link has been confirmed. A group with ties to Iran attempted to hack over 250 Office 365 accounts.

December 2021. A social media platform disrupted two Iranian-linked cyber espionage campaigns that targeted activists, academics, and private companies. Hackers breached the Canadian Foreign Ministry, hampering some of the Ministrys internet-connected services. Following the announcement of Log4j, researchers already found over 600,000 attempts to exploit the vulnerability. Kremlin-linked threat actors hacked into numerous defense contractors between January 2020 and February 2022. Its targets in the past have included the CIA, the Church of Scientology and Islamic State, and although the collective was left reeling by a number of arrests in the US in the early 2010s, it revived activity after the murder of George Floyd. June 2022. The networks of the U.K. Foreign Office were penetrated by hackers. Researchers and cybersecurity experts revealed a mobile espionage campaign against the Kurdish ethnic group. Stand with the people of Ukraine. The hacker was able to access their networks through stolen user credentials purchased on the dark web.

As with the attacks claimed by Anonymous, DDoS salvos are designed to sow confusion and damage morale, whereas malware can cause serious and irreparable damage. NATO is a transatlantic alliance of 30 like-minded North American and European countries securing peace since 1949. International hacktivist group declares cyber attacks against Putin after the Russian President launched war on Ukraine. The group generally uses social engineering and/or USB-based worms to penetrate a network.

The actors also used WhatsApp to grow trust with their targets, then requesting them to download an app with malware. (Reporting by Anton Kolodyazhnyy; writing by Tom Balmforth; editing by Andrew Osborn). The group has claimed credit for hacking the Russian Ministry of Defence database, and is believed to have hacked multiple state TV channels to show pro-Ukraine content. An Apple notification from November to thousands of iPhone users stating they were targeted by state-sponsored actor alerted the Commission of this spyware use. Hackers targeted members of the European Commission with spyware developed by NSO Group. Microsoft Teams settings leave govt officials open to cyberattacks, Robot dog with machine gun hints of a dystopian future. The group claims to be hacktivists demanding the release of political prisoners. A breach of Prime Minster Modis Twitter allowed hackers to Tweet from the account that India officially adopted bitcoin as legal tender. about Relying on default settings on Microsoft Teams leaves users open to threats from external domains. The U.S. and the UK attributed the attack to the Russian GRU. There have been tensions recently between Moscow and the United States over various attacks against U.S. targets that were said to originate from Russia. January 2022. The U.S. Department of Justice sentenced GhalebAlaumaryto more than 11 years in prison for aiding North Korean cybercriminals in money laundering. April 2022. An Israeli industrial cybersecurity firm attributed the attack to Iran. Many encouraged each other to send spam and malware to Russians. Russian hackers hit Italian websites with a DDoS attack, including the Senate, the Ministry of Defence and the National Health Institute. In April 2020, Chinese bots swarmed the networks of the Australian government days after Australia called for an independent international probe into the origins of the coronavirus. A Chinese-linked disinformation campaign targeted Australian mining company Lynas Rare Earths. June 2022. The attack disrupted 4G and internet services for customers. European Central Bank boosts rates by half a percentage point. April 2022 .

Hackers gained access to the FBIs Law Enforcement Enterprise Portala system used to communicate to state and local officialsand sent a warning of a cyberattack in an email claiming to be from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
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