I cant find pictures online of what this looks like. Also unfortunate is that they can have different causes, so youll have to really evaluate the situation to pinpoint whats going on here. Sign Up, Get care instructions for your specific plants, Tips and inspiration for green, plantful living, Help your plants thrive this summer with Grow-How. All Id recommend right now is to just put your plant in a nice light spot and keep caring for it like youre supposed to. Once this happens, if the leaf is still attached, you can simply remove it from the plant and discard it. You can also consider a (natural) commercial insecticide. Not all plants work in all homes, as there are many factors that influence houseplant health. Yes, you can totally put them in the bathroom as long as theres enough light (they like lots of it). It's all part of owning these majestic and popular houseplants! But what do you do if your fiddle leaf fig is not looking too happy? theyre moving)? Bacterial infection is almost more difficult to combat than root rot. The plant is locate indoor bright evening light but not direct. About 4 week ago, several leaves started to turn yellow. If you think your fiddle leaf fig might be showing some fertilizer burn or if you just realized you made a mistake with the plant food, flushing the soil with distilled water should help. If your watering schedule worked fine before, consider what has changed and adjust accordingly. Bad infestations can unfortunately be quite problematic. If you stick a finger in the soil, you should feel some slight humidity, though never wetness. Erratic watering is a prime cause for moisture stress and, in turn, oedema. Hi! Shop Now, Up to 40% Off Select Plants Make sure the soil and planter drain well. Hey there! Doing this should stop further issues. If the entire leaf has turned brown, remove individual leaves at their base. Its pretty hard to give this one too much light indoors as long as you acclimate it properly. This is when it might happen. We want to share our love and knowledge of plants with you. Taking cuttings is an option if you want to be safe, you can check out the fiddle leaf fig propagation guide for that. Although there are several causes, in reality all three of the following need to be partly present for it to occur in the first place. It almost looks crisped and burnt in these spots but its just happening on a few leaves and not all of them (and the leaves that its happening on, its not all over so I dont suspect root rotting damage although I havent checked the roots as its a very large tree). Bloomscape uses cookies as essential parts of the website experience. As mentioned before, you can accidentally underwater if your plant is in a lighter location than usual (either due to it having been moved or summer starting). Pity about the affected leaves, though. There are some potential causes: Tip: Some drooping immediately after repotting your fiddle leaf fig is normal. If the plant is just droopy and possibly a bit crispy, chances are higher youre actually underwatering. About 6 or so bottom leaves turned totally yellow. As for watering, either works. My husband bought me a fiddle leaf fig for Valentines Day and Im a little worried about the state its in. Those bottom leaves just arent useful anymore, so the nutrients inside them are reabsorbed and the leaf crisps up, eventually dropping. Plenty of pine bark and perlite mixed in there really helps give the roots breathing room and the water space to flow out. If the roots are brown and mushy, root rot is the culprit. Completely brown and dry. Root rot is one of the more serious conditions that a houseplant can suffer from. They range from an almost bleached look to yellow or light brown. I thought root rot through overwatering and went to repot. If not, shoot an email to houseplantcentralblog(a)gmail(dot)com. If your watering hasnt been too erratic then I guess it just is what it is, it will be much less noticeable once the leaves grow. Overwatering and poor drainage causeroot rot, which spread to the leaves of your plant. In the photo above, the stems have developed into thick branches to support all that growth. What are your thoughts? The good news is that you can sort this out, and if your plant doesn't have too many leaves, you can treat the entire insect infestation fast. Reddish dotting on new leaves is very common in fiddle leaf figs and as the leaves darken they wont seem so prominent. Watering once a week is a good place to start but in the end it all depends on your home environment. Red spots or brown marks forming clusters over the leaf surface are likely Edema, also spelled Oedema. Remember, that Fiddle Leaf Figs are native to warm, humid, tropical places where they get consistent moisture and even temperatures. Give your plant a good long drink, making sure the root ball is thoroughly wetmake sure water flows freely from the bottom of the pot. The black specks look almost like grounds of black pepper. What I'm saying here is that some discoloring on a few leaves might not be something to worry about. Give it plenty of light and go easy on watering until it recovers. The only way to be certain that your plant has root rot is to remove the pot and inspect the roots. Dont worry the Grow-How Team is here to help! If you're new to this houseplant, you should spend some time reading up how to care for it. Sunburnt leaves are not too difficult to diagnose, although they can present differently depending how badly the burn was and how long its been since it happened. Fiddle leaf figs are not opposed to a bit of sun, but things can sometimes get a bit too intense for them. Its stayed in its nursery pot due to the substantial leaf loss we were scared to cause any more shock. How to Grow and Care forMonstera Borsigiana, Monstera Obliqua Everything You Need To Know About, Monstera Adansonii How to Grow and Care | Swiss Cheese Plant, Peperomia obtusifolia care | Baby rubber plant, Propagating fiddle leaf fig | 3 easy methods! But exposure to temperature extremeseither hot or coldcan also cause Fiddle Leaf Figs to drop their leaves. A bending or crooked main stem usually happens due to a problem with the lighting. Hello, Ive had a fiddle leaf fig for the last 6 years and its been a gorgeous, happy and healthy tree. If its nasty (sorry for making you take a whiff!) This can also lead to crispy brown leaf edges but doesnt always present like that.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that houseplants almost always naturally shed their lower leaves to reveal a bare stem.

This way, my plant can later reabsorb the nutrients from them when its time for them to go naturally. Its only been a few days but I havent lost any leaves (yet) I guess Im just worried about whether I should return the plant if its something that cannot be salvaged or if its just an issue of watering/ sun/ etc. Tip: Before we get into this, I want to make clear that your houseplant is not always going to look like it did when you got it. . Are your fiddle leaf figs leaves covered in little red spots? Do you feel like youve been watering enough, but still see these symptoms? Remove the sunburned leaves with sharp scissors or a pruning shears and relocate your plant to an area that is protected from the direct rays of the sun. Your fiddle wont really be growing if its darker and cooler so it wont need nearly as much water. Keep infected plants away from your other houseplants. Shop the Sale, Love Rare Plants? With root rot, the leaves will typically remain dark green with brown spots, but with bacterial leaf spot, the leaf will turn yellow as the brown spot spreads. The most common cause is repotting. If the humidity is very low, you might want to run a humidifier. I just water from the top and then discard any excess water let in the saucer under the pot after about an hour. Thank you for this great article. You can consider using a root-fortifying product to help care for your fiddle leaf figs roots. For example, has it been cold recently? If your fiddle leaf fig is in a nice, bright spot and your watering schedule seems spot on, consider how long its been since you last gave the plant some food. Thank you! Again, remove damaged leaves. Fresh soil usually contains nutrients but once those are all used up, a. Remove any leaves that appear to have signs of it and try repotting your fiddle leaf fig. Are the specks confirmed to be bugs (ie.

So trimmed roots and repotted with normal soil and perlite. In many cases some adjustments will take care of the problem. We also share information about your use of our website with our social media, advertising, and analytics partners in accordance with our. The giveaway to diagnose insect damage is small spots on the leaves that turn into holes. What pest could it be? I hope she recovers, if youre in the northern hemisphere the upcoming summer should do her good. Problem: Red dots on leavesCauses: Normal, edema.

With care guides and information about all popular indoor plants, we're here to help get your houseplants thriving. Fiddle leaf figs are big plants and big plants like a bit of fertilizer during the growing months.

And this guide will let you identify what's gone wrong and help you solve the problem. After all, theyre pretty slow creatures so issues are slow to show up. Check the soil before watering and dont water if its still very moist. Some prefer to remove the damaged leaf for aesthetic purposes, but I like to leave them on there. As the marks tend to fade over time this might not be an issue that needs to be solved. I purchased a 9 foot fiddle leaf fig and since its been purchased 1 year ago, it has lost 50% of its leaves. It wants all the sun you can give it! The only way to be sure is to check the root ball, so pull the plant from it's pot and look at the roots. Are the holes uniform or more ragged? Im almost wondering if I should try and root stems or leaves if possible to create new plants. Hi , I have had my fig leaf for a year and the new leaf growth has red variegated veins. Although some bacterial infections just cause localized lesions, others can quickly ravage a whole plant. Hi! Perhaps leaf drop is one of the more common problems some Fiddle Leaf Fig owners will have. First, check its location to see if too close to an A/C vent, heater, or draft and move it if necessary. In order to nurse your fiddle leaf fig back to health, youll first have to diagnose the problem.

No matter what your question is or what kind of plant you have, we are here to answer your questions and give you the encouragement you need to be the best plant parent you can be. *p.s its so hard to explain whats going on- wish there was a way to upload photos because I cant seem to find any other photos on the internet that look like my leaves! Check back every week or so to see if the infestation has returned or not. Use a magnifying glass to look for webs or insects on your plant. However, it can take time for your Fiddle Leaf Fig to recover, so have patience and know that the Grow-How Team is here to help! Since purchasing a humidifier a week ago, I feel as if the plant has been happier but this morning I woke up to what looks like a perfect green leaf on the ground. They survive by sucking the juices from your plant. After all, root rot will often be caused by overwatering. Unfortunately, they can be serious. If they dont, well, at least you learned something! fiddle

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