let logInfo = { 1500 SW Chandler Ave. Early processing of the Waiver of Tuition Form is strongly encouraged. What fees are associated with being a Non-Degree Seeking Student? redirect("/vapa", "vapa.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/physics", "physics.uccs.edu", currentPathname); if (document.title == "404 | UCCS" || document.title == "Redirecting | UCCS" || document.title == "Loading your content | UCCS") { // //////////////////// REDIRECT FUNCTION //////////////////// // A typical class is four credit hours, which would total $600. redirect("/abroad", "abroad.uccs.edu", currentPathname); They may register for classes in the summer term preceding their senior year and/or during their senior year. redirect("/swell", "swell.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Simply qualifying for admission does not guarantee admission. If you are 60+ and interested in auditing a class for free, work with the Registration Office. University Cashier redirect("/math", "math.uccs.edu", currentPathname); else { Employees receiving a balance due bill after submitting a tuition waiver will have their accounts adjusted by the amount of the tuition waiver for which they quality. window.location.replace(redirectUrl); // //////////////////// TESTING //////////////////// // redirect("/2021dreams", "www.kudoboard.com/boards/97wHVLYi", currentPathname); If you have earned a baccalaureate degree and now wish to take courses without pursuing a degree, you will be designated as a non-degree graduate student. These reports include important safety information, a wide range of current security policies, fire safety practices, helpful university and local resources, crime prevention programs, and crime and fire statistics for the previous three calendar years. // //////////////////// TESTING //////////////////// // redirect("/headingforhealing", "headingforhealing.uccs.edu", currentPathname); // redirect("/sustainabilityminor", "sustainabilityminor.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/cic", "cic.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Non-degree enrollment status does not require a formal admission process or formal entrance requirements.

Non-degree students do not qualify for financial aid. let logInfo = { redirect("/alumniupdate", "alumni.uccs.edu/alumni-services/update", currentPathname); } redirect("/dase", "dase.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/teachingstem", "bseed.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/treeringlab", "treeringlab.uccs.edu", currentPathname); else if (window.location.pathname == "/~stuemp") { Office of Admissions redirect("/auxmarketing", "auxmarketing.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/arts", "arts.uccs.edu", currentPathname);

redirect("/oldsite", "newsite.uccs.edu", "/oldsite/"); // redirects to -> newsite.uccs.edu/ Through Professional & Continuing Education, JMU permits students whoare not seeking a degreeto enroll and register for up to 11 hours of course credit during each session as non-degree students. Please complete and submit the Non-Degree Application, Please submit the Dual Enrollment Understanding. redirect("/excel", "excel.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Students must also complete 30 graduate credits after full admission to degree-seeking status, regardless of the number of credits completed under non-degree status.

redirect("/biology", "biology.uccs.edu", currentPathname); OSU transcripts must be requested through MyOregonState. This rate will apply to ALL classes in which the student is enrolled, even if some of them are less than 700 level. Applications take 3-5 business days to be processed. games books // Do the redirect! redirect("/cogdevlab", "cogdevlab.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/ccps", "ccps.uccs.edu", currentPathname); var redirectUrl = "https://" + redirectHostname + cleanPath; redirect("/assess", "assess.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Students wishing to take more than 8 credits per term must be admitted as a degree-seeking student. jQuery.getScript("https://s3-us-east-2.amazonaws.com/crm-data-stable/fireworks/production/public/uccs/chat/scripts/embed.js") } Privacy Title IX Accreditation Nondiscrimination Policy. redirect("/studentlife", "studentlife.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/soc", "soc.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/stemeo", "stemeo.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Bend, Oregon 97702 If you prefer, you may request a copy by emailing Clery.Compliance@oregonstate.edu. redirect("/curiosity", "curiosity.uccs.edu", currentPathname); All rights reserved. // //////////////////// ACQUIA SITES //////////////////// //

Permission to register for specific courses is contingent upon the availability of space. }, 10); redirect("/writingcenter", "writingcenter.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/glint", "glint.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Please seeSenior Citizen Tuition Waiver Credit/Auditformfor more details. redirect("/smartmoveuccs", "smartmoveuccs.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/oldsite", "newsite.uccs.edu", "/oldsite/oldsite"); // redirects to -> newsite.uccs.edu/oldsite redirect("/gaf", "gaf.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Our team of admissions counselors can help you learn about our degree programs, understand the admissions process and answer any other questions you may have. Departmental permission may be required for some courses. redirect("/ieee", "ieee.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/vrc", "vrc.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/nato", "nato.uccs.edu", currentPathname); There is a $35 non-refundable application fee. You can access the OSU Web registration system by using the MyOregonState portal. The undergraduate tuition rate applies to non-degree-seeking students admitted by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and students with a bachelors degree enrolled only in undergraduate classes (less than 700 level). countryman jill admissions tcu edu undergraduate Oregon State University does not mail grade reports. redirect("/summer", "summer.uccs.edu", currentPathname); // Removed this due to online mode not having that href // Wait for script to load and then postion on page correctly

redirect("/ges199", "ges.uccs.edu/rainier", currentPathname); // redirect("/registrar", "registrar.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/bseed", "bseed.uccs.edu", currentPathname); OSU-Cascades // Check if this page is 404 or trying to load 404 redirect("/classgift", "crowdfunding.uccs.edu/?cfpage=/o/university-of-colorado-colorado-springs-54/i/crowdfunding/s/class-of-2022-may", currentPathname); redirect("/socialambassador", "www.uccsvolunteers.org/need/detail/?need_id=566401", currentPathname); redirect("/communicationcenter", "communicationcenter.uccs.edu", currentPathname); console.table(redirectSuccessLog); })(); document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) { redirect("/nse", "nse.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/langcult", "langcult.uccs.edu", currentPathname); // //////////////////// TESTING //////////////////// // Non-degree seeking students enrolled during the academic year (fall, spring and summer terms) must be 20 years of age or older by September 15 for the fall term and by February 15 for the spring term (there is no age limit for summer terms), and must have a 2.0 GPA in all college work attempted, and must be in good standing at all collegiate institutions attended. redirect("/commencement", "commencement.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Adult non-degree seeking students desiring to become regular degree-seeking students should contact the Office of Admission for advising. Those who do have a bachelors degree or higher will work with the Graduate School. else if (window.location.pathname == "/~my/") { redirect("/impact", "impact.uccs.edu", currentPathname); It is important to note that taking courses as a non-degree student does not constitute admission to a program, imply later applicability of these courses toward a program, or imply preferential regular admissions consideration. Office Hours: MondayFriday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. redirect("/downtown", "downtown.uccs.edu", currentPathname); } redirect("/alumni", "alumni.uccs.edu", currentPathname); // redirect("/ccss", "ccss.uccs.edu", currentPathname); We look forward to reviewing your application! redirect("/usp", "usp.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Students wishing to apply for full admission should refer to the appropriate instructions for first year, transfer, postbacc, or graduate admissions. // Test redirect path matching: redirect("/rcr", "rcr.uccs.edu", currentPathname); 1500 SW Chandler Avenue var matchFound = false; redirect("/webstyle", "webstyle.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/coe", "coe.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Returning adult students interested in earning a bachelors degree should contact the Adult Degree Program at 540-568-6824. // //////////////// VANITY REDIRECTS /////////////////// // redirect("/entgala", "entgala.uccs.edu", currentPathname); An applicant submits a specific non-degree application and a $50 application fee. Undergraduate students may enroll at JMU as adult non-degree seeking students and register to take up to 11 semester hours per semester for college credit. *Programs include: NC Teach & Carolina Online Lateral Entry (TCRT) in the School of Education. redirect("/moneymatters", "moneymatters.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/southdenver", "southdenver.uccs.edu", currentPathname); The non-degree seeking student designation has been established to meet the needs of these students who wish to take university courses but do not presently intend to work toward a degree at the University of Colorado. jQuery("a[id^=uccs]").each(function() { redirect("/centerforlegalstudies", "centerforlegalstudies.uccs.edu", currentPathname);

//It'll be an array of elements redirect("/osp", "osp.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/sustain", "sustain.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Credit hours are not restricted for non-degree students during summer term. // redirect("/reachhigher", "reachhigher.uccs.edu", currentPathname); window.location.replace("https://ges.uccs.edu/rainier"); } redirect("/virtual", "www.uccs.edu/admissionsenrollment/admissions-events", currentPathname); redirect("/heller", "heller.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/international", "international.uccs.edu", currentPathname); cwi counselors redirect("/lgbtresourcecenter", "lgbtresourcecenter.uccs.edu", currentPathname);

redirect("/kpwe", "kpwe.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/disability", "disability.uccs.edu", currentPathname); A student who already holds a baccalaureate degree who wishes to take undergraduate or graduate level courses but does not wish to earn an advanced degree from UCCS should apply directly to the Office of Admissions as a Graduate non-degree seeking student. redirect("/careconnect", "careconnect.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Tuition and Fees Choose for transcript to be mailed to you. else if (window.location.pathname == "/~stuemp/") { Lea la informacin de admisin en espaol, College of Engineering and Applied Science, Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Clery Act Campus Safety and Crime Stats. High school students seeking to register at JMU under this program must submit the Non-degree Seeking Student Application form, a recommendation from the high school principal or guidance counselor, and a transcript of high school grades. } Non-degree students are given grades, reviewed according to the university standards of good academic progress, and provided with academic records. redirect("/mountainlion360", "mountainlion360.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Please note that academic performance is not the sole criterion for admission to the university. redirect("/tcid", "tcid.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/mobile", "oit.uccs.edu/services/web-solutions-and-applications/uccs-experience-app", currentPathname); redirect("/roc", "roc.uccs.edu", currentPathname); // //////////////// VANITY REDIRECTS /////////////////// // redirect("/~facsrvs", "facsrvs.uccs.edu", currentPathname); // //////////////////// REDIRECT FUNCTION //////////////////// // Upon initial access to the OSU Web student services system, you will be asked to change this number to a unique six-digit number. Adult students who have earned at least 30 semester hours of credit at JMU or transferable credit from another appropriately accredited institution of higher education may enroll in an individualized adult degree program. // redirect("/crowdfunding", "crowdfunding.uccs.edu", currentPathname); // // //////////////////// ACQUIA SITES //////////////////// // This report is available without charge. Payroll Services will collect the appropriate taxes from each employee at the end of the semester in which the employee exceeds the exempt limit. The GAP is initially set to your birth date, formatted as mmddyy. Non-degree students are not eligible to receive financial aid. redirect("/~pesa", "staff.uccs.edu", currentPathname); } These students will be accorded all rights and privileges and will be expected to meet the same responsibilities as regular JMU students. Approval to audit must be obtained from the head of the department offering the course.

redirect("/copyright", "copyright.uccs.edu", currentPathname); High school students who have completed all graduation requirements but are remaining with their high school for a 5th year. // //////////////// VANITY REDIRECTS /////////////////// // // //////////////////// REDIRECT FUNCTION //////////////////// // Enter your Student ID and GAP numbers. redirect("/speaker", "speaker.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/advancement", "advancement.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/givingtuesday", "givingtuesday.uccs.edu", currentPathname); "Pick up at the counter" option is only availble to Corvallis students. redirect("/geography", "ges.uccs.edu", currentPathname); // Function matches and removes specified path in current URL, creates a new URL and redirects to it. Non-degree Graduate Status redirect("/diningservices", "diningservices.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/portal", "portal.prod.cu.edu/MyUCCSFedAuthLogin.html", currentPathname); window.location.replace("https://ges.uccs.edu/rainier"); redirect("/livestream", "commencement.uccs.edu/ceremony-live-stream", currentPathname); // //////////////////// SHOW 404 PAGE //////////////////// // redirect("/pedalperks", "pedalperks.uccs.edu", currentPathname); }); redirect("/ryp", "ryp.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/psych", "psychology.uccs.edu", currentPathname); If you are a community member or an alumna, you can audit classes at Agnes Scott. function redirect(pathToMatch, redirectHostname, pathToSearch) { redirect("/~ir", "ir.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/ehs", "ehs.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/donorcelebration", "give.uccs.edu/2021donorcelebration", currentPathname); Find future and current students to connect with, keep track of what's happening on campus and get a better idea of what life is like as a Scottie! If you decide to seek admission to a degree program, be aware that credit(s) taken under non-degree status may not apply toward that degree program. Some senior students may qualify for a waiver of tuition and applicable fees. // redirect("/cca", "cca.uccs.edu", currentPathname); } else if (window.location.pathname == "/ges199") { redirect("/ura", "ura.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Also keeps all data encapsulated. redirect("/Legacy", "alumni.uccs.edu/future-alumni/legacy", currentPathname); // jQuery('a[href="mailto:go@uccs.edu"]').css({"bottom":"auto", "top":"50%"}); redirect("/educationabroad", "abroad.uccs.edu", currentPathname); // //////////////////// ACQUIA SITES //////////////////// // // redirect("/cybersecurity", "cybersecurity.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/oit", "oit.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/coga", "coga.uccs.edu", currentPathname); School of Professional & Continuing Education, Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Credit/Audit, Senior Citizen Waiver Form for Noncredit Classes.

redirect("/ir", "ir.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Your GAP (General Access Pin) is a secure number known only to you. redirect("/Traditions", "alumni.uccs.edu/future-alumni/traditions", currentPathname); redirect("/chemistry", "chemistry.uccs.edu", currentPathname); (function() { "Original Path": pathToSearch, // //////////////////// TESTING //////////////////// // "New Redirect URL": redirectUrl redirect("/~staffcouncil", "staff.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/provost", "provost.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Each course offering is assigned a unique number known as the CRN. redirect("/advising", "advising.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Non-degree enrollment status is designed for students who wish to take courses but do not plan to pursue a degree. Suite 2215 SASB North redirect("/residence", "residence.uccs.edu", currentPathname); } Your student E number and username can be found. redirect("/gratefuljuly", "web.cvent.com/event/c478f84d-15cd-428a-9de3-820ae3a9aac4/summary", currentPathname);

redirect("/ges", "ges.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/fdc", "fdc.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Registration deadlines can be found at the registrars site -www.jmu.edu/registrar. redirect("/spa", "spa.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/staff", "staff.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/classics", "classics.uccs.edu", currentPathname);

redirect("/vcsa", "vcsa.uccs.edu", currentPathname); // The graduate tuition rate applies to students who already have a bachelors degree and are taking at least one graduate-level class (700 level and higher). The Graduate School, University of Maryland, 2123 Lee Building 7809 Regents Drive College Park, MD 20742301-405-3644gradschool@umd.edu, The Graduate School, University of Maryland2123 Lee Building, 7809 Regents Drive College Park, MD 20742301-405-3644 / gradschool@umd.edu, Student Financial Services and Cashiering, Request for Report of Examining Committee. redirect("/asr", "asr.uccs.edu", currentPathname); // pathToMatch redirectHostname pathToSearch (hardcoded for examples, normally dynamic) redirect("/inds", "inds.uccs.edu", currentPathname); } redirect("/lsr", "lsr.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/mathcenter", "mathcenter.uccs.edu", currentPathname); Enrollment as a non-degree student does not guarantee regular admission to the university. redirect("/copycenter", "copycenter.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/nihr", "nihr.uccs.edu", currentPathname); else if (window.location.pathname == "/~lifelong/") { redirect("/mosaic", "mosaic.uccs.edu", currentPathname); window.location.replace("https://outreach.uccs.edu/continuing-education"); redirect("/pips", "pips.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/entcenter", "entcenterforthearts.org", currentPathname); // Non UCCS redirect redirect("/chancellor", "chancellor.uccs.edu", currentPathname); redirect("/oldsite", "newsite.uccs.edu", "/something/oldsite/page"); // will not match redirect("/socialmedia", "socialmedia.uccs.edu", currentPathname);

redirect("/oldsite", "non-uccs-url.org", "/oldsite/page"); // redirects to -> non-uccs-url.org/page

Understanding Concurrent Enrollment at UCCS, Understanding Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking at UCCS, Non-Degree Seeking Enrollment (no Bachelor's Degree), Non-Degree Seeking Enrollment (with a Bachelor's Degree), Meet the team dedicated to helping you apply to UCCS. redirect("/budgetmodel", "budgetmodel.uccs.edu", currentPathname);
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