bible church ridge austin bixby david Bringing hope, help and healing to the world. Tehzeeb Car Rental - Het telefoon nummer van jullie klopt niet, AWHO,GHS 79,Sector 20,Panchkula - Rentamount, Saudi Arabia Wholesale Dollar Reseller Market - reseller pin, Thanks To Jehovah Fashion Design Center - Program offered, GetOn Skills Development Centre - Cashier. bible chebar river ezekiel exiles empire rivers papan pilih 9077/936/16/0, +27 (0)76 152 And Im going to give you workers compensation. You shall have a twofold RECOMPENSE. Thats the kind of Father He is. He wants to get us sad, sorrowful, and oppressed. Were full of joy, full of peace, full of rejoicing. Isaiah 61:7 says, For your shame ye shall have double; and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them.. You know what workers compensation is for? Joel 2:25 says, I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm. Some of you have been down with a lot of worms in your life. Dont allow what people say to control you. Whatever the enemy has tried to take away from you, God wants to restore it. . Has anyone ever shown you from the Bible how you can be sure you are on your way to heaven? God wants to make it better than before. +27 (0)76 152 Every day we have choices put before us. Psalm 2:4 says, He that sitteth in the heavens shall LAUGH. When were hanging out with God, we start acting like Him. Restoration Bible Church strives to be the hands and feet of Christ to minister to the broken and being a church that restores people back to God through His restoration power. Our ministries fall into the following categories: Lifekeys Ministry, Marriage Ministry, and Deliverance Ministry. Some of you have lost years to a bad marriage. RBC operates as a non-profit organization that is committed to worshipping God, studying Gods Word, and serving Gods people. Take what belongs to you, in the Name of Jesus! Discipleship-based groups aimed to equip believers with healthy perspectives. 064 259 / SARS TAX Exemption No. And God likes you just fine. You may have been through some trouble, but God is the One Who brings restoration. We can be tempted to get hurt, wounded, or depressed. Im going to give you double for your trouble. Glory to God! LIFE Restoration is a ministry that aims to help people walk in wholeness. Bloemfontein. We offer a range of groups and classes, all of which meet at different times and dates. God is a good God! And God is happy! Some of you have lost years to health problems. God doesnt want us to lose that joy! But God is. The Beast - 666 in Ethiopia - How can I join illuminati. We tap into joy by hanging out with God! 3847 There was joy unspeakable. The classes and small groups utilize a faith-led process to help individuals grow in their relationship with God and others. God is saying, Youre working for Me. 1995 - 2022 Kapitol. One of the first things the enemy will try to steal from us is our joy. And Hes got good things in store for us. When we are in His Presence, we come out with a new spring in our step, a new song in our heart. -24.83857,31.06649, Occupational Safety and Health Service, Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care, 0722356933 Abortion Clinic in Bushbuckridge,Thulamahashe,Acornhoek, Hwali Business Enterprice BUSHBUCKRIDGE, Mpumalanga, Cav- Yt Multi Trading Film And Media BUSHBUCKRIDGE, Mpumalanga, Makopo Mokgakane Tree Felling BUSHBUCKRIDGE, Mpumalanga, Home of The Blue Owl Whopper - Soggy chips, Europafitness - I only want to say that Europa zym is such a strong and fantastic fitness club with lots of fitness, Softlogic Systems Reviews and Complaints - AWS Training in Chennai. Sundays // 9am & 11:15amWednesdays // 6:30pm, PO Box 34723650 Peoria RdHarrisburg, OR 97446, Tel: (541), Changing Lives Through the Power of Jesus Christ. Bloemfontein, NPO No.

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. If you get injured on the job, they pay you workers compensation. Find music, sermons, announcements and more in the iOS, Android or Amazon store. Scroll down, select the sub-ministry and click More Info to see more details on classes. Copyright 2022 Kenneth Hagin MinistriesPrivacy Policy. Remember what it was like when you first were saved? 3847, Raymond Mhlaba St, . The word recompense is the same word that we get workers compensation from. ONLINE ONLY | SUNDAY AT 10AM & WEDNESDAY AT 7PM. He said, My mercy is greater than your mistakes, and I am a Master at fixing any disaster.. You got hurt in the service of the Lord. Declare restoration over your life! God wants you to have that dream fulfilled. Whether weve done things that are our own fault, or whether it is the enemy who has stolen from us, God is still the Restorer! Raymond Mhlaba St, You are who God created you to be. In The Amplified Bible, this verse says, . Address 294/28, 1280 Bushbuckridge, Afrique du Sud, GPS Coordinates Or perhaps circumstances have overwhelmed us for no apparent reason. Maybe weve done something foolish. Dont let the devil steal anything from you. Founded in 2021, Restoration Bible Church is a non-denominational, multicultural church led by Pastor Joe Spencer. Where does joy come from? If you dont have joy, you dont have any strength. Dont stay in that valley of despair and depression. He wants you to have health in your body. God loves us that much. Hes thrilled about you! We can complain and remain in the same awful condition. Maybe everyone isnt going to be thrilled about you. Recommended sites: US Industrial Directory - European White Pages, yZPIXD/qhWEU8BZ//OELf6LBA/jBcZ48lTs2H7kyw54=, Various Christain Churches in Suiderberg (4), Car Agents, Dealers And Dealerships in Suiderberg (4), Restaurants: Fast Food And Self-Service in Suiderberg (3), Wines And Spirits (Retail Sales) in Suiderberg (3), Shopping Centres And Large Stores in Suiderberg (3), Bars, Piano Bars, Taverns, Pubs And Cyber-Cafes in Suiderberg (2), Discotheques And Dance Halls in Suiderberg (2), Bakeries, Bread And Cake Shops in Suiderberg (2), Supermarkets And Hypermarkets in Suiderberg (2), Sales And Rental Of Tourism And Tow Trailers in Suiderberg (2), Various Christain Churches in Pretoria (283), Various Christain Churches in Centurion (53), Various Christain Churches in Atteridgeville (7), Various Christain Churches in Midrand (6), Various Christain Churches in Mamelodi (5), Various Christain Churches in Soshanguve (3), Various Christain Churches in Clayville (2), Various Christain Churches in Ga-Rankuwa (2), Various Christain Churches in Diepsloot (1). . Nehemiah 8:10 tells us, The JOY of the Lord is your strength. It is important for Christians to have joy in their life! Sunday Mornings: 9AM He wants you to have joy. When were hanging out with Him, we take on His characteristics. Rhema/Kenneth Hagin Ministries is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience. Sometimes life gets too hot, pushes us too hard, and we have a meltdown. All rights reserved.

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