Think scallop compote served in the shell and slow-baked fish cooked with vegetables. Having grilled dorado would also be great if you cant get enough of the lovely seafood fare. puka hotel albania htp very Recommended Hotel Nearby: Art Boutique Hotel, 1 Bilal Golemi StSaranda, Albania 9701+355 (85) 224-342. Its a typical hangout place for friends due to the cozy setup of the place and its wide beer selection. Rruga Pjeter Bogdani Number 19 //+355 4 225 8411. If you are looking for a great Italian restaurant, Artigiano at Vila should be on the top of your list. It would be awesome to try the grilled beef steak or veal chops that come with baked potatoes to discover some of their traditional dish offerings. Want to know more about Albanian food? The menu focuses on Mediterranean dishes, seafood, and sushi, with plates meant to be shared. With this, many guests have chosen this place to celebrate anniversaries with their significant other. Pair it with the 2012 Kallmet red wine which has gained so much popularity over the years.

In the pretty village-like cobbled streets of the kalaja (fortress), Onufri is the closest you'll get to a homestyle Albanian feast without actually gatecrashing a family lunch. Walls are constructed from dried sweetcorn husks encased between panes of glass. I did the only logical thing: I ordered the tasting menu. Plenty of outdoor seating is available on the charming street level patio and on the summer terrace. I have tried michellin star and this restaurant can hold it against them. This traditional restaurant, located near the beautiful Pazari I Ri market, has recently been renovated and is one of the last places in town where you can eat typical Albanian delicacies, such as frges, patllxhan te mbushur, kukurec and more. If you pick the English type, you can have eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, and cheese along with fresh orange juice. It is located inside an old villa from the 1930s, near the Pyramid, and within 5 minutes from the Blloku district, and offers a high-class culinary experience. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Read our Privacy Policy. Located in a spellbinding, two-floor villa nearby the Qemal Stafa stadium, the restaurant first impresses with the beauty of its interiors. Among local establishments, Tymi is one of the best-rated restaurants given the well-rounded dining experience it provides for all. Your email address will not be published. Respected and smart restaurant with an emphasis on imaginative recreations of classic Albanian and Italian dishes. Rruga Adem JasharLaknas, Albania 1030+355 (67) 203-9909. Its difficult to match the vibe of this place since it has one of the most elegant settings. Add veal steak to have a fulfilling meal. Taulantia 1Durres, Albania 2001+355 (05) 223-7601. It tastes best when paired with beef fillet with potatoes and cabbage on the side. One of the great classics of Tirana dining. It purchases ingredients from local farms to ensure the products fresh quality. It also serves Halal-certified food items. Best Breakfast in Salt Lake City, UT 30 Top Places! Nearly six years ago, I left my job at an Oklahoma City law firm and embarked on a journey around the world. It wont hurt to add another plate filled with mussels and clams to maximize your best lunch in Albania.

Very good value, considering the quality of the food. On a quiet side street, Kora's most consistently popular restaurant in almost no way resembles a tavern; instead it's housed in a local home, with a raised terrace for al fresco dining, and looks like nothing remarkable at all. It only takes an eight-minute walk to reach this place from the National History Museum. Locals and tourists value this place for having some of the best food in Albania. Otium is another popular fine dining option in Tirana. Chef Bledar Kola, who worked at the world-famous Noma in Copenhagen, invites customers to taste traditional Albanian tastes reinvented in a sophisticated and modern way: the result is an excellent mix of old and new. The menu has dishes such as sea bass carpaccio with gazpacho and marinated zucchini, risotto with stewed duck and orange marmalade, and pan-fried calf sweetbreads in a paprika lime sauce. Wrap up your meal with parfait with fruit mix and thyme jam. In an hours time, the room starts spinning to give you a complete view of the landscape. Albania eats are teeming with establishments serving scrumptious Italian food so its become common. We cant find a country that matches your search. Copyright 2022 Foodie Flashpacker | There are Sovrn affiliate links within this website that help me visit places more often and share my experiences with you. Set in a four-star hotel, this restaurant boasts an intimate dining atmosphere at the heart of Tirana. 50 Best Restaurants in New England Top-Rated Places to Eat. Feta cheese, sourced from the Konispol region, is also a great addition.

At the time, I thought I would only be gone for 6 months, but the more I traveled, the longer my bucket list became. All Rights Reserved. Unleash the inner epicure in you by dining in the best restaurants in Albania. Good information overall and really nice mouthwatering photos. Albanians make a great tasting ice cream, try it if you can. Wine connoisseurs shouldnt skip the 2017 Prestigj or 2015 Shen Mhill red wines that have a 15% alcohol content. Coupled with majestic views of the Ionian Sea, this diner sets the bar high for any restaurant in the entire country. Since then Ive eaten my way across more than sixty countries over five continents. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK". Restaurant, Restaurant with Rooms, European, Mediterranean, Pizzeria, Restaurant, European, Mediterranean, Restaurant, Restaurant with Rooms, Mediterranean, European, Typical Albanian food is made with the freshest seasonal products, Kj1595 at English Wikipedia / WikiCommons, Cafe, Restaurant, European, Mediterranean, Restaurant, Bar, European, Italian, Mediterranean, Restaurant, European, Mediterranean, Italian. Recommended Hotel Nearby: Rogner Hotel Tirana, Also See:Italy RestaurantsBest Restaurants in MoroccoSwitzerland Restaurants, Zhan DArk BlvdTirana, Albania 1000+355 (69) 606-6111. Set in the Krajen Village, Rapsodia features a contemporary dining fare that thousands of people love. Albania may be smaller than other European nations but it can be just as enticing in its own right. Make sure to scroll until the end before picking your favorite! If its available when youre ordering, be sure to check out this risotto with cuttlefish. It is situated near the 289-hectare public park known as the Grand Park of Tirana. Despite its rather pretentious name, this place is all understatement, with a restrained decor and passionate staff who effortlessly translate the daily specials from a giant blackboard into English for guests. Throughout Albania, and in Tirana particularly, there are plenty of places that serve delicious and mouth-watering food. Lazgush Poradeci Street, Grand Park of Tirana, Tirana, 1000 Tirana. Reserve your slot in the restaurant for a hearty breakfast meal. The traditional Albanian dishes are prepared with a modern touch that results in unique tastes. Start your meal with a fresh garden salad to open your meal with a healthy food offering. My work has been featured on Fodors,, International Living, and Great Escape Publishing, among many others. Around the corner from the chic cafes of the Blloku neighbourhood, chef Bledar Kolas Albanian food metamorphosis is hidden behind a row of grain mills and a wall of corn husks. Then, SALT is the right place. There's also a full la carte menu, taking in various aspects of Mediterranean cooking, with a strong Italian flavour. This unassuming restaurant offers fresh seafood selections, phenomenal house wine, and the friendliest waiters I encountered during my time in Tirana. Freshly picked vegetable from the garden cooked and served in ceramic plates from a nearby ceramic business, dairy products such as goat or cattle cheese processed by the restaurant staff, country ham preserved down in their basement, red Kallmet wine from the local vineyards, local fruit dessert, originate an authentic dining experience even for locals. There are only three interior tables plus one or two outside, so get there early to ensure a seat. With its refined service, Piazza Restaurant can compete with other elegant and costlier diners around this European country. The space is small and usually frequented by locals who come here to enjoy traditional flavours. Pasta lovers would love the spaghettian Italian staplethat comes with little crabs on the side. Its steak is also cooked to perfection and served with grilled vegetables to give you a filling mealbe it for lunch or dinner. Padam Boutique Hotel and Restaurant is a four-star accommodation facility set in the heart of Tirana. It has been serving the local community for two decades in an area near the iconic Durres Castle. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As you tuck into your meal, you can admire the stellar views over the city towards the castle. Everything is also well-plated to please every foodie coming here. It also provides delivery and catering services for events, meetings, and family celebrations. The slow-cooked pork served in an inverted wine glass is just one such example. Mare Nostrum, a fusion restaurant, serves a wide array of food that gives a special spotlight to Mediterranean fare. Piano Bar Piazza is not only one of the best restaurants in Tirana, but is also one of the first restaurants opened in the capital of Albania. Just make sure to order chocolate mousse with fruits for dessert to balance it all. A cool restaurant that opened in 2017, this is the one and only real sushi bar in Tirana. Big, messy burgers, crisp fries, and cold beer perfection. If youre keeping a healthy diet, youd also consider the dishes served here the greatest in the country. The Home Social Club - Unassuming premises but delicious and artsy plates. Their take includes ham and avocado covered in a homemade hollandaise: Rruga Papa Gjon Pali II //+355 4 450 4913. It also has an accommodation facility for travelers who plan to stay in Lezhe. Also, enjoy the delectable taste of the cocoa-sprinkled chocolate or ice cream with strawberries to satisfy your sweet tooth. This beach-shack-like place on the edge of the New Market square looks decidedly out of place, but then the food it serves is also utterly different to anything else you might find in Tirana. Its been among the top 10% of restaurants in the world for seven straight years. PaneVino is a classy restaurant which offers to customers a big choice of Italian dishes: we suggest you to order the homemade pasta of the day and then a pistachio gelato, which may be the best ice cream in town. But Restorant Melograno always creates something special to keep people coming back. Rapsodia, ranked as one of the top Albania restaurants, picks organic ingredients from local farms. Order the brick-baked flatbread, traditionally named bashamaja, to begin your meal with one of Albanias classics. Younger tourists love taking photos here, too! The menu has a great variety of wines, from all over the world. The ingredients are taken directly from Mrizi I Zanave, a gorgeous farmhouse-cum-restaurant located near the town of Lezhe, in the north of the country. This standout restaurant serves playfully presented seafood with a modern Italian flourish. The menu is small but a lot of thought is put into each dish. Also See:Europes Top RestaurantsPlaces to Eat in SpainRestaurants in Croatia, Naim Frasheri StSaranda, Albania 9701+355 (69) 279-2345. This place apart from the historic importance as the birthplace ofGjergj Fishta known as one of the most prominent figures of the Albanian literature and politics of the 19th century with significant contribution to the Albanian cause sets a fine example of a newborn social-economical tourism pattern in traditional Albanian gastronomy. The eight-course tasting menu at a mind-blowing $15 includes the likes of a curd and candied meat pie, and chewy-crisp sweetbreads. Let the guys behind the counter tell you whats fresh, and order a salad and some wine while they prepare your meal. With its unique quality, this place is one of the best birthday restaurants in Albania, too!
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