Walt is trying to clean the rest of his money out of his vents when Jesse rings his doorbell.

Then he just doodles a shiny cube and leaves it at that. What am I, some criminal or something?" Don't 3. Which, I mean, he is. [1][2] Other film credits include The Barber. ", So he transitions that awkwardly into saying actually he's been thinking about laying off the meth for a bit, because it's kind of been making him paranoid lately. Just when Jesse thinks he's smoothly skirted around talking about any of the horrible traumatic experiences of the last week, Combo asks Jesse if he still cooks a little crystal. ", This scene is one of my favorite bits of Jesse in season one. They're doing their best with what they do understand, and Jesse probably really has burned them before, several times. Walt gives him a silent death glare from his spot in line. Cut to Jesse, later, in the morning when they're gone, sitting curled up on the floor by his window, restless, smoking more meth, staring outside, and managing to see some innocuous Mormons as armed motorcycle gangsters come to murder him. Is he, like, okay? Put another pin in this. But Walt looks intensely uncomfortable. But a lot of Walt's harshness here isn't really about that. Take a look at some of the famous twins of Hollywood, including Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and more. (Jesus Christ, American health care.) Jesse would be able to breathe a lot easier if he could know that Walt was cool.

There are obvious reasons to absolutely not tell them about Walt under any circumstances, so it's to be expected he doesn't mention him, but specifically talking about the formula and the chemistry while making it sound like that was all his own doing is very much him just wanting his friends to be impressed and think he's cool. They've been in a pretty tense position ever since Jesse made off with the drugs after their argument last episode - if they just finish this, and Walt gets his money, and learns Jesse didn't smoke it all, then that should clear the air, right? They talk casually over food, although Skyler seems distracted. This leads into Walt telling the story of how he met Skyler; he used to frequent a coffeeshop where Skyler was a hostess, and noticed she was always doing the New York Times crossword, so he started deliberately coming in when she was there and doing the crossword as well, using it as an excuse to talk to her. Jesse knows exactly how precarious the situation is and how close his parents are to kicking him out, but he's desperate - so I suspect he acts kind of oblivious because it silently nudges his parents to err on the side of their love for him and just let it go. But just the same, in actual fact Jesse is not an alien, he didn't do anything wrong here, he would never hurt Jake in any way, and his parents did the wrong thing. Maybe if he does, Walt will acknowledge his efforts and not be such a dick, even! There's a recurring theme of horror and danger to these drawings as well as some of the later ones we see a bit later in the episode. El Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) anunci la noche de este domingo que los candidatos del Partido Socialista Unido (PSUV) ganaron en las alcaldas ms importantes del pas as como la Gobernacin de Zulia en unas elecciones en las que particip el 47,32% del patrn electoral (9.139.564). Walt's deeply hostile and condescending, openly scornful that Jesse could possibly think they have anything to talk about. Jesse really could have told on Jake. The small annoyances of the criminal lifestyle. "You know, what the hell. Apply yourself". Jesse hesitantly, hedgily suggests that you know, if he ever saw his way clear to the two of them cooking a little more (Jesse's face here is so tense, wincing, already braced for rejection.

And at that point it'd be pointless to argue. Who sent him? Jake's only twelve; he deserves to just be a kid right now, loved unconditionally, and not get dragged into any of this. Jesse arrives at his parents' house and immediately gets his leg stuck in a lawn chair, leading to an awkward hello when his family comes out to check on the commotion.

They may not even know each other yet; I can't for the moment recall if they're established to already be friends in season two, which I haven't rewatched again yet.). '", The 'favorite son' remark isn't meant as a jab at Jake.

Don't be Hank. In the afternoon, Walt and Skyler are having Hank and Marie over for a barbecue. But Jesse's hurt and angry about Walt treating him like scum (much like his parents, really, only so much meaner about it), and he'd rather prove his integrity than keep the money - even when all he gets out of it is the moral high ground in his own head. Jesse quickly says he doesn't know anything about any of that; he's just kind of been doing his own thing these days. And he gets in the taxi and drives off. And so, he not only chooses to silently take the fall instead, but destroys his joint too, because man, he doesn't want Jake to follow him down this path.

Jesse is there for a few reasons.

His mom offers to wash his clothes, but he says maybe later - I think she may have offered as a way to get a look at his arms without outright asking about that.

His dad tells him to leave; his mom can't look him in the eye. He throws the money into the air as a final fuck-you before he leaves (Walt has to awkwardly fish a bunch of it out of the pool afterwards). They're just assuming it was him because, well, of course they do. (He had another teacher who told him something like that once, long ago.). (It feels funny today that it's not Badger and Skinny Pete together - we don't meet Badger until next episode, and in season one he's not associated with Skinny Pete at all. Skinny Pete suggests his dad could fix it; he's "a contractor or something" - implying Skinny has an okay relationship with his dad. It must have occurred to Jesse that he could, in these burning silences as he's being kicked out for good for something Jake did, not him. They obviously still love him, but they don't trust him at all anymore; he's On Drugs, and they can't just enable him, they need to do something. We've been getting little tastes of the sort of crude, macho environment of constant ribbing and one-upmanship the Albuquerque DEA office is, which will have some relevance later. I 2. He needs to feel as if he has provided for them, as the man of the house. There should be a gifset.).

I think the emphasis on the quote and the helplessly falling figures in the image suggests that's the bit that stirred him to draw it, compared to your typical kid drawing of explosions and violence. Next episode will be showing this much more clearly. And he lingers on that big, red "Apply yourself". This isn't really, and never has been, about his family so much as his desire to provide for his family, which isn't actually quite the same thing. Either way the important bit here is the way the two brothers feel here: they're both kind of jealous of each other - and Jesse, who's been pretty convinced his parents pretty much wish he didn't exist at this point, abruptly learns otherwise. As Hank asks how he got lung cancer when he doesn't even smoke, Skyler theorizes that maybe it's all about inadequate safety at the lab twenty years ago, that this one time Walt was complaining they didn't give him the right kind of ventilation hood. Having closed out the opening arc of the season, we're now doing a couple more introspective, character-focused episodes before the action gets going again. He says he came up with a new recipe - more like a formula. ), The caricature, originally just a crude disgruntled doodle of a disliked teacher, brings back a lot of memories of simpler times, the Walt that he remembers from high school. Jesse doesn't let that stop him.). The first time I watched, this episode was where I reluctantly decided maybe Jesse was okay. Ellos son los nuevos alcaldes. To be proud of something, praised for something. Hank is telling Walt Jr. that he's got the looks of a movie star (I enjoy the way that Hank keeps casually trying to make Walt Jr. feel good about himself), but what he really needs to get a girl is confidence and persistence. After they get home, Skyler unrelentingly tries to stay positive about the cancer - but when she suggests starting the treatment next week, Walt's reluctant and thinks they should discuss it. Would Jesse have chosen to decorate his room with drawings and photos from when he was little?

"Review: 'The Barber' Stars Scott Glenn as a Suspected Serial Killer", "Maximino Arciniega, Jr. | Goodman Theatre", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Max_Arciniega&oldid=1082207626, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 11 April 2022, at 22:34. That's all he can do, right? And hopefully, once he gets it, then they'll be square. As he looks at all this stuff, he's jealous of Jake, for being so perfect and amazing and good at everything. All this is exactly what Walt didn't want, and feared would happen if he told them about his diagnosis.

Conveniently, someone on Reddit has managed to transcribe the whole thing (though I'm pretty sure he answered question 10 with "A. Walt's just left to emotionally deal with his son telling him to fucking die already. He's not going to admit to a thing he didn't do, but neither is he going to let his brother take the blame, even when it really was him. She tells him not to worry about it, that they can always borrow from Hank. - but he will not take his jealousy out on Jake; Jake deserves all his accolades, and Jesse just wants the best for him and to be a good brother that Jake could like and look up to (again, being liked and wanted is one of Jesse's core motivations - very likely significantly rooted in the way he's entirely lost that from his parents, or at least feels that he has). Walt might have reacted somewhat differently here if Jesse had opened by giving him the money. (This is, of course, very not okay. Check out our list of the best new and upcoming movies and series from Marvel, DC, and more! He's not a total loser even if he doesn't have twenty trophies to show for it! And after a moment of looking darkly out the window, Walt gets up, pops the hood on the lawyer's car, and short-circuits the engine with a wet window wiper, then coolly walks away from the resulting explosion, like an action-movie hero. You're practically all they ever talk about.". Jesse hasn't heard from him at all; maybe he kind of needs someone to talk to and would appreciate him coming by? Yeah, right. $90,000 out of pocket? As Walt presses on about who he talked to, Jesse responds with such aggressive incredulity that Walt actually tentatively believes him and asks why he's there. Con nombre y apellido! As Jesse's taxi is about to pull up outside, Jake quietly comes out to join him and thanks him for not telling on him. Instead, all he wants is just for Jake to still think Jesse is cool. And he wants that again. His dad objects when Jesse's left the kitchen, saying they're not doing this again, that they need to be consistent in laying down the law, and they follow after him - but hesitate when they see Jesse is laying the table for them. He made something really cool with Walt. Like, 'Oh, we can't let that scumbag warp the mind of our favorite son. In hindsight, most of this episode is one big Jesse character study exploring who he actually is and showing him as fundamentally decent and sympathetic (even the opening of the episode ends on Walt but starts with the conclusive revelation that Jesse had nothing to do with snitching on Emilio). Ha-ha, like he'd ever be paranoid! This is presumably why Jake's really been kind of aloof this whole time they've been talking; he feels like his parents are just constantly thinking about Jesse, and it makes him a little jealous and resentful of Jesse - like nothing he does ever makes him as important as his older brother who's not even around anymore.
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