Submit the online iSchool Certificate Application prior to completion of the 2nd course required for a certificate. Copyright, Aerospace Engineering - Aerodynamics, Graduate Certificate, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Graduate Certificate, Beverage Management, Undergraduate Certificate, Biomedical Entrepreneurship, Graduate Certificate, Communication Science & Disorders, Graduate Certificate, Counseling & Human Systems, MS/Specialist, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Specialized Studies, Educational Leadership, Modified Graduate Certificate, Emergency Management, Graduate Certificate, Emergency Management, Undergraduate Certificate, Human Performance Technology, Graduate Certificate, Information Architecture, Graduate Certificate, Information Leadership & Management, Graduate Certificate, Institutional Research, Graduate Certificate, Instructional Design & Technology, Graduate Certificate, Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies, EdD, Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies, MS, Law Enforcement Intelligence, Graduate Certificate, LEAD in Social Work, Graduate Certificate, Leadership Studies, Undergraduate Certificate, Multicultural Marketing Communication, Graduate Certificate, Multicultural Marketing Communication, Undergraduate Certificate, Online Teaching & Learning, Graduate Certificate, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Post-Master's Certificate, School Librarian Leadership, Graduate Certificate, Special Events, Undergraduate Certificate, U.S. National Intelligence Studies, Graduate Certificate, U.S. National Intelligence Studies, Undergraduate Certificate. The graduate certificate in the Application of UAS requires 15 credit hours selected from the list below. 296 Champions Way content: "\f077"; } PAD 4936 Emergency Management Studio. ol.register li { padding:5px 0;} Browse our offerings and learn how FSU can help your future take flight. Tallahassee, FL 32306, FSU Directory Assistance Students who receive grades lower than a C in any courses must repeat that course if they wish to have it apply to the Application of UAS certificate. /* HOME */ }

} PUP 3002: Introduction to Public Policy (3 credits), 9 credit hours from approved lists noted below in, ISS 4014: Evidence Based Public Policy (3 credits) with a grade or C or higher, ISS 4935: Public Policy Seminar (3 credits). Students who have completed their undergraduate certificate from this program should contact our office before registering for classes as a graduate student. Keep in mind, an undergraduate certificate shall not require the completion of graduate courses. Questions or Comments, Privacy Policy -webkit-filter: grayscale(0%); Tallahassee, FL 32306, FSU Directory Assistance Questions or Comments, Privacy Policy

font-weight: 400; 32306-4450, Florida State University #block-fsu-strata-main-menu .navbar li a { } PAD 5377 Advanced Topics in Terrorism content: close-quote; The certificate is offered at the graduate and undergraduate . Core courses are restricted to students pursuing a masters or specialist degree in the School of Information, but may be requested on a space-available basis. enforcement law fsu security safety intelligence Before a student may be issued a Certificate, they must apply for admission to that Certificate Program. Copyright, Faculty interested in developing a new graduate certificate program should download a Graduate Certificate Proposal Packet by visiting the, *Units need to follow the program of studies that was approved in the certificate proposal. URP 5445 Climate Change and Community Resilience. } Interested in an online program? Note:Students completing an undergraduate degree may not enter a graduate certificate program unless they are admitted as a degree-seeking graduate student or post-baccalaureate non-degree student. ", Florida State University filter: none;

ul.checkbox li:before { Please refer to the matrix that was included in the original proposal paperwork which illustrates the specific required and elective courses that can be counted towards the graduate certificate. .quote.pull-right { social safety importance alumna promotes padding-right: 0.25em; } PAD 5378 Disaster Systems (Prerequisite: Foundations in Emergency Management) The graduate certificate programs, ranging from 12 to 21 credit hours, are designed to allow students to take courses in an area of specialization, enhancing their academic and professional experience. Florida State PAD 5849 U.S. Intelligence Policy certificates training intercultural trainings

PAD 5079 Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Emergency Management This certificate gives students in just about any program of study a way to stand out from the crowd and learn real world approaches to solving complicated problems. * Open to qualified students in any undergraduate major who are accepted into the Combined Bachelor's/Master's Pathway. display:none; In some programs, certificate program course credit can be applied toward a graduate degree. color: #ccc; Prepare for your career by participating in one of our variouscertificate programs, each focusing on a specialized discipline within the field of social work. height: 70px; This application must be submitted as early as possible, and before the student has completed six (6) credit hours of courses in the Certificate Program. PAD 5845 Public Health and Emergency Management Florida State Emergency management and homeland security is a growing field in the United States and around the world. } P.O. font-size: 5em; } This application must be submitted as early as possible, and before the student has completed six (6) credit hours of courses in the Certificate Program. ul.checkbox { The University offers degree programs through the following colleges, schools, or divisions. Interested in completing one of our other certificates in Emergency Management and Homeland Security or US Intelligence in addition to the UAS Certificate? -o-filter: grayscale(100%); margin: 0 0 14px;

Communication Science & Disorder Prerequisite (Bridge) Program(NDS)Digital Video Production(DS & NDS)Health Information Technology (DS & NDS)Information Architecture(DS & NDS)Information Leadership & Management(DS & NDS)Reference Services (DS & NDS) (Fall 21' Name Changed to"User Services")School Librarian Leadership (DS & NDS)Multicultural Marketing Communication(DS & NDS)Project Management(DS & NDS)Youth Services(DS & NDS), 2019 The Graduate School, Florida State University PAD 5895 Homeland Security Policy and Practice This certificate gives students in just about any program of study a way to stand out from the crowd and learn real world approaches to solving complicated problems. In the event that the student completes a degree program prior to completing the requirements for the certificate, the student would be required to be readmitted as a degree seeking or non-degree seeking student to complete the certificate program. Successful students will describe the policy implications of UAS integrations and use, including privacy issues, cost issues, and liability issues. *DS= Available to Degree Seeking Students, *NDS= Available to Non-Degree Seeking Students.

PAD 4433 Women, Disasters, and Conflict .admissions { 32306-4450, Florida State University Contact Information:Questions and submissions can be sent via email to[emailprotected], Public Policy Certificate Application FormPublic Policy Certificate Completion Form, ECP 4530 Economics of HealthGEO 4450 Medical GeographyGIS 4421 GIS and HealthPUP 4931 Health Services Organizations and PolicyPAD 4844 Public Health and Emergency ManagementSYP 3730 Aging & Life CourseSYO 4402 Medical SociologySYP 4550 Alcohol & Drug ProblemsSYP 4764 Aging Policies & ServicesSYA 4930 Neighborhoods, Stress & Health, ECP 3143 African Americans in U.S Political EconomicsECS 3600 Economics of Native AmericansECO 4132 Economics of CompassionGEO 4404 Black GeographiesISS 4164 Intersections, Power, & PolicyISS 4159 Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity and EqualitySYO 3530 Social Class & InequalitySYD 4700 Race & Minority Group RelationsSYA 4930 Sociology of EducationSYD 3800 Sex & GenderSYA 4930 Sociology of SexualityPOS4070 Race, Ethnicity and PoliticsPOS4624 Supreme Court, Civil Liberties and Civil RightsPAD 4332 Strategic Leadership CommunitiesPAD 4382 Disaster Recovery and MitigationPOS 4070 Race, Ethnicity, and PoliticsPOS 4624 Supreme Court, Civil Liberties, and Civil RightsURP 4811 Multicultural UrbanismURP4936/5540 State and Local Economic Development, ECO 3933 Economics of Risk and UncertaintyECP 3302 Natural Resources, Energy and the EnvironmentECP 4312 Economics of Energy, the Environment, and SustainabilityGEO 4340 Living in a Hazardous EnvironmentPUP 4203 Environmental Politics and PolicyPAD 4393 Emergency Management, Programs, Planning, and PolicySYP 3000 Social Psychology of GroupsSYP 4570 Deviance & Social ControlPAD 4372 Leadership and Communication in Emergency ManagementPAD 4391 Foundations in Emergency ManagementPAD4393 Emergency Management Programs, Planning and Policy, ECO 3130 Free to ChooseECO 4504 Public Sector EconomicsECO 3004 Debating Economic IssuesECP 3451 Economics and the LawECP 3617 Land Use, Housing, and Government RegulationECP 4413 Government Regulation of BusinessECP3617 Land Use, Housing and Government RegulationCPO 3703 Comparative Democratic InstitutionsCPO 3743 States and MarketsPOS 3122 State PoliticsPOS 3182 Florida GovernmentPUP 4744 Public Policy and BusinessPAD3003 Public Administration in SocietyPAD4120 Managing Floridas Government and Its Key Policy IssuesPAD 3003 Public Administration in SocietyPAD 4120 Managing Floridas Government and its Key Policy IssuesURP4936/5939 Consequences of Planning, ECP3302 Economics of Natural Resources, Energy and The EnvironmentECP4312 Economies of Energy, Environment and SustainabilityGEO4340 Living in Hazardous EnvironmentsPUP2403 Environmental Politics and PolicyURP4423 Intro to Environmental Planning and Resource ManagementURP4402 Sustainable Development Planning in the AmericasURP4022 Collective Decision Making, Students must take ONE of the following courses to satisfy the Quantitative Analysis requirement.ISS3330 Interdisciplinary Research MethodsPOS3713 Understanding Political Science ResearchSYA4300 Methods of Social ResearchECO3431 Analysis of Economic DataECP4618 Research Methods for Studying Housing, Land and Mortgage, © Florida State UniversityTallahassee, FL 32306, For the latest information related to COVID-19, visit, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SIE), Public Policy Certificate Application Form, Public Policy Certificate Completion Form, Successful completion of ISS 4304: Contemporary Social Problems with a grade of C or higher, Email completed application form, personal statement, and faculty recommendation letter to. Trade associations estimate 15,000 new drones will be put into service by state and local agencies in the next 15 years. Other appropriate courses may be permitted as interdisciplinary electives with written approval from the program director. University. **Note: All certificate programsrequirean application. Students who receive grades lower than a C in any courses must repeat that course if they wish to have it apply to the Application of UAS certificate. PAD 5896 U.S. Intelligence Analysis and Communication. @media (min-width: 992px){ PAD 5378 Disaster Systems (Prerequisite: Foundations in Emergency Management) Tallahassee, FL 32306, FSU Directory Assistance min-height: 550px; }} vertical-align: middle; The concepts and methods are as relevant in business, psychology, and the arts as it is to national security. Interested in completing one of our other certificates in Emergency Management and Homeland Security or Unmanned Aircraft Systems in addition to the US Intel Certificate? * Can be substituted for PAD 5398 Emergency Management Programs, Planning and Policy PAD 5935 Emergency Management Studio

For more information on this, please review the, Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE), 2022 Celebration of Grad Student Excellence Photo Gallery, Office of Faculty Development and Advancement Website, Communication Science & Disorder Prerequisite (Bridge) Program(NDS), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages(TESOL), Museum Education & Visitor- Centered Curation, Environmental, Natural Resources & Land Use Law, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. line-height: 0; PAD 5388 Disaster Recovery and Mitigation Successful completion of the courses applied to the EMHS Certificate is defined as a grade of C or higher.

Each request will be reviewed and accommodated on a space available basis when the non-degree seeking enrollment appointment opens and a confirmation email will be sent indicating a final determination. URP 5101 Planning Theory and Practice cursor: pointer; PAD 5838 Terrorism and Security in Africa (previously PAD 5935) *** Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with Environmental Engineering Major, *Includes non-thesis and thesis based master's degrees. PAD 4083 Terrorism and Security in Africa (previously PAD 4936) To complete the USIS graduate certificate, students will choose three electives (nine credit hours). PAD 4433 Women, Disasters and Conflict PAD 4890 Homeland Security Policy and Practice Copyright, Oceanography: Aquatic Environmental Science and Law, Information Communication Technology / Communication and Digital Media Studies, Information Communication Technology / Professional Communication, Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies, Chemical Engineering (Chemical Engineering or Materials Engineering major) / Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering (Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering major) / Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering / Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering / Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering / Industrial Engineering (engineering Management major), Mechanical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering, Public Administration/Urban and Regional Planning, Urban and Regional Planning/International Affairs, Urban and Regional Planning/Public Health, Certificate in Special Events, Undergraduate, Certificate in Law Enforcement Intelligence, Graduate, Certificate in Underwater Crime Scene Investigation, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Publishing and Editing (English), Graduate, Certificate in SAS Programming and Data Analysis (Statistics), Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Bilingual Services, Undergraduate, Certificate in Communication Science and Disorders, Graduate, Certificate in Developmental Disabilities, Undergraduate, Interdisciplinary, Certificate in Digital Video Production, Graduate, Certificate in Health Informatics, Graduate, Certificate in Health Information Technology, Undergraduate, Certificate in Information Architecture, Graduate, Certificate in Information Leadership and Management, Graduate, Certificate in Multicultural Marketing Communication, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Project Management, Graduate, Certificate in School Librarian Leadership, Graduate, Certificate in Athletic Coaching, Graduate, Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Graduate, Certificate in College Teaching, Graduate, Certificate in Educational Leadership/Administration - Modified Program, Graduate, Certificate in Human Performance Technology, Graduate, Certificate in Institutional Research, Graduate, Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology, Graduate, Certificate in Leadership Studies, Undergraduate, Certificate in Measurement and Statistics, Graduate, Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning, Graduate, Certificate in Program Evaluation, Graduate, Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL), Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Aerodynamics/Aerospace Engineering, Graduate, Certificate in Systems Engineering Leadership, Graduate, Certificate in Engineering Data Analytics, Graduate, Certificate in Museum Education and Visitor-Centered Exhibitions, Graduate, Certificate in Preparing Future Faculty, Graduate, Certificate in Preparing Future Professionals, Graduate, Certificate in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Land Use Law, Graduate, Certificate in Financial Regulation and Compliance, Graduate, Certificate in International Law, Graduate, Certificate in Medical Spanish Interpreter, Undergraduate, Certificate in Nursing Leadership, Graduate, Certificate in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Graduate, Certificate in Application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Civic and Nonprofit Leadership, Graduate, Certificate in Emergency Management, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Florida City and County Management, Graduate, Certificate in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Undergraduate, Certificate in Political Science, Research Intensive, Undergraduate, Certificate in Public Administration, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Public Financial Management, Graduate, Certificate in U.S. National Intelligence Studies, Graduate, Certificate in Child Welfare Practice, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Gerontology, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Leadership in Executive and Administrative Development in Social Work, Graduate. fsu
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